Build your app with website and mobile wireframes

Pre-built UI libraries

Use our frequently updated UI libraries to jumpstart your wireframes and create beautiful designs for any web and mobile app in no time

UI elements for iOS & Android

Justinmind offers pre-built UI libraries specifically designed for iOS, Android and other mobile devices

Web UI elements

Justinmind includes a handy collection of web buttons, menus, charts, and more that can be used automatically

Custom UI libraries

Easily refine and reuse the built-in UI libraries, or create your own, and personalize them with your own style and interactions

UI libraries synchronization

Use Justinmind Enterprise to upload to or download UI elements from a centralized library, and share them with your team

Enterprise app UI libraries

Validate enterprise processes with our UI elements for enterprise apps, like our Oracle Fusion or SAP UI libraries

Sketch and shapes

Choose between different UI libraries that include interactive sketch-like elements, arrows, menus, images and more


Create a custom canvas and import UI elements to easily create fully interactive app wireframes for wearables devices

Embed HTML and documents

This Justinmind UI library allows you to easily insert HTML, docs, and video, including online widgets, in your wireframes

More UI libraries

Check out all the UI libraries we have in store for you and share your own with the Justinmind Community


Templates allow you to create and share content (headers, footers and more) that you can use and reuse on any screen or design


Masters are a way to replicate and share content across a prototype’s screens


Change the default style, position, size, background, and layout distribution of any UI element to fit the look and feel of your screens

Google Font integration

A font type drop-down contains the list of fonts available on your system and an option to add more from Google fonts directory

Integration with design tools

Link images and SVG files from Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch. They will be automatically updated whenever remote files are modified

Adaptive/Responsive design

Customize and adjust your wireframe with a dynamic layout to fit all screen sizes across all devices with Justinmind’s flexible events and actions

SVG and other Vector files

With Justinmind you can import, embed or link any SVG and other Vector files. You can also change their color, and scale them without losing quality

Interactive images

After creating or importing images, you can turn your static design into clickable interactive wireframes with hotspots and links


Build unique web and mobile prototypes using parallax scrolling and other effects, such as floating menus and slide-in layers

Crop and adjust images

All images inserted into your wireframe can be modified to fit the dimensions and style of your design (colors, shadows, etc.)

Smart guides

Use guides, rulers, and the grid tool to place and align elements on the canvas

Drag-drop images

Transfer images directly from your web browser, or from the file system with a simple drag-and-drop movement

Rounded borders

Customize your widgets by using the slider or spinner to adjust the edges of your borders, from sharp to completely round edges

Code-free prototyping

Without any technical expertise or programming knowledge, you can visualize designs before moving on to coding

Rich web interactions

Choose from all sorts of user triggers to define rich interactions. You can reproduce any action you can think of without technical expertise

Mobile gestures and transitions

Choose from a full set of awesome gestures and super-smooth transitions that will make your prototype feel as realistic as possible

Animations and effects

Improve UX in interaction design by building beautiful animations and using a vast selection of effects.


Conditions or rules can be set up for any given event interaction in order to manage its actions’ execution


Share data between different screens in your data-driven prototypes with variables, which let you store any kind of information during simulation

Publish and review

A single click lets you publish your prototypes and invite all project stakeholders to give feedback from early on in the creative process

Commenting system

All feedback gathered can be easily organized so no details get lost. Use customized categories with labels and colors for solid management

Reviewers management

Easily manage and organize reviewers feedback. The owners have complete control over the users who can review and access a prototype

Online and offline comments

Review wireframes anytime, anywhere. With an internet connection, your feedback will automatically sync to your account with your updates

User testing tools integration

Choose from one of the many user testing tools Justinmind is integrated with and let real world users validate your prototype

View and test prototypes on any browser

Justinmind will let you view and test your web and mobile app prototypes instantly from any browser, with native web display and different device skins

Test on device

Use our app to view and navigate through your interactive prototype, and test out the entire user experience directly from your device

User testing tools integration

Choose from one of the many user testing tools Justinmind is integrated with and let real world users validate your prototype

Data table simulation

Design smart tables and reproduce their dynamic behavior. You can combine operators and attributes with fields, variables, and your own data

Scenario simulation

Visualize your user navigation flow in your interactive prototypes by simulating the scenarios that you've designed

Requirements management

Make requirements easy to understand, communicate and manage with your prototyping tool

Requirements management tool integration

Integrate and share requirements with the requirements management tools you’re already using

Generate documentation

Export your project to MS Word or OpenOffice for a clear specifications document along with the visuals needed for project interpretation


Access the Justinmind API to integrate with your tools, download existing plug-ins, and code your own with our SDK

Business logic

Reproduce the end-to-end flows of business rules and conditions to validate the specific requirements of your prototype

Interactive HTML+JS

Export your prototype to a fully functional and interactive HTML document and make it readily available to view in any web browser

Document generation

Export your project to MS Word or Open Office and get a clear specifications document along with the visuals needed for interpretation

Document customization

Each document’s content can be easily customized to fit your requirements thanks to easily configurable options

Navigation map

Get a quick and clear global view of the complete navigation with an auto-generated sitemap of your wireframes

Export to images

Easily turn screens, templates, masters or scenarios into image files

Export prototype elements

Import and reuse individual prototype elements in another prototype, or share only a portion of that prototype

Optimized HTML code

Optimize the generated HTML code so the screens can load faster

Form validation & functional data tables

Design smart forms and data tables in your prototypes, and test them instantly. Reproduce live form filling and error messages

Business logic

Reproduce the end-to-end flows of business rules and conditions to validate the specific requirements of your prototype

Conditional navigation

Apply conditional navigation to your prototypes with variables and conditions and the drag-and-drop expression builder

Test with real data

Import your own data into your interactive prototypes, by populating Data Masters with data from .csv files

View and test prototypes

Data tables and forms can be tested instantly from any browser or from the actual device

Collaborative prototyping

Share your prototype so that everyone in your team can edit and make changes to your designs simultaneously

UI libraries synchronization

Share and manage your UI libraries centrally, so the entire team is automatically synchronized to the latest version

Version control

A version history is available at any time for every design, and you can jump to and from any change made

Online and offline teamwork

Open shared prototypes to work offline. When a connection is available, you can commit changes and sync your prototype for updates

Advanced user management

Maintain full control, easily administering and managing repositories, users, permissions, roles, and access levels across all the teams

LDAP integration

With Justinmind Enterprise, you can integrate the collaboration platform with your LDAP to streamline the user login