Free mockup tool to validate visual design and interaction

Bring your web and mobile concepts to life

mockup tool for UX design

Easily design interactive website mockups

Design responsive, pixel perfect and highly interactive website mockups without any code using our UI mockup tool. Test drive your mockup in Justinmind or on any browser to instantly test its features and get useful feedback on your design.

Design and test mobile app UIs before coding

Design your mobile app mockups and test them on real devices to get user feedback early in the design process. Use our free mockup tool to simulate your designs on mobile and tablet screens – spot potential problems before any coding starts!

Free Mockup tool to design and test mobile app UI mockups

Free UI kits

Get access to a wide range of free UI kits with our mockup tool. Our UI kits are full of pre-designed, interactive and static elements and components.

UI kit for web apps included in the mockup tool
UI kit for iOS and Android apps included in the mockup tool
Design systems in the Justinmind the mockup tool
Website and web apps

The Justinmind Web UI kit comes pre-installed in the mockup tool. Get every component you need for your next website mockup.

iOS and Android

Design intuitive iOS and Android app mockups that look and act the part with our free iOS and Android UI kits.

Create your own UI kits

Create your own brand-specific UI kits without any code. Sync any updates in your kit and share instantly with the rest of the team.

Import your designs to the mockup tool

Import images from your favorite design tools into Justinmind. Our Sketch, Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator integrations let you design pixel perfect mockups while adding interaction.

Import designs from Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator to our mockup tool
Import your Sketch artboards to the mockup tool as individual layers or full images and add interactions!
Get interactive mockups from your PSDs. Export your PSDs as one image or turn text, shapes and images into elements!
Import your vector graphics into the Justinmind tool and generate fully functional and interactive mockups.

Collaborate on mockups

Work alongside teammates on the same mockup and get feedback on any aspect of your design. Share your mockup simulations remotely with stakeholders, clients and users. Quickly generate UI specifications for a seamless developer handoff.

Mockup tool to boost teamwork and collaboration
Mockup tool - for easy designer-developer handoff
Handoff for developers
Instantly generate deliverables for a smooth designer handoff when it’s time to code.
Mockup tool for enhanced sharing and collaboration
Collaborate on mockups with multiple users. Leave comments and see changes in real-time.

Our advanced mockup tool features

Empower your mockups with templates and masters. Put your users first with advanced testing and user flow diagrams. Boost collaboration with instant deliverables and online sharing, while letting you team benefit from JIRA and TFS integrations.

Mockup tool with templates and masters feature
Templates & masters
Reuse content, functions and design patterns across all screens in your mockup.
Mockup tool - get deliverables for developer handoff
Export to documents
Generate specifications documents for your mockups and instantly get deliverables to hand off to developers.
Export interactive mockups to HTML with out tool
Interactive HTML
Share your mockups online by exporting to HTML so your collaborators can open them in any web browser.
Mockup tool to map out user flow diagrams
User flow diagrams
Use the Justinmind mockup tool to map out user navigation flows and define the layout of your mockups.
Mockup tool with JIRA and TFS integration
JIRA & TFS integration
Manage Atlassian JIRA Issues and TFS Tasks in Justinmind with two-way integration between the tools.
Mockup tool for remote and real time user testing
User testing
Keep your test users in the loop. Have them test your mockups in real time or remotely, have them leave comments and vital feedback!