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Justinmind prototyping and wireframing tool for web and mobile apps Justinmind prototyping and wireframing tool for web and mobile apps
Justinmind wireframing tool for mobile and web apps
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One prototyping tool
for all screens

Justinmind provides you with the best solution to prototype web and mobile apps. Starting from the device template of your choice, you can define apps for Web, iOS, and Android in a few clicks, without writing a single line of code.

Use our ready-made UI libraries to jumpstart your app wireframes, and test the final experience instantly from any browser or directly on the actual device.

Example of UI prototype for Android and iOS tablet apps Example of UI prototype for Android and iOS tablet apps
Screen content example of an app prototype for iphone Screen content example of an app prototype for iphone
Skin of an app wireframe for iphone
Example of a mobile wireframe for tablet apps
Example of a mobile prototype for iphone apps

From wireframes to fully functional UI prototypes

Quickly take your web or mobile concepts to clickable wireframes or fully interactive prototypes with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Without any technical expertise, define any solution you need with web interactions, mobile gestures, animations, and transitions.

Design smart forms and data tables in your application prototypes with real data, and test them instantly.

Example of a low-fidelity web wireframe
Example of an e-commerce website wireframe
Web UI wireframe Web UI wireframe
Example of a web prototype for e-commerce

Enjoy a great collaborative prototyping process

Publish your prototypes, and gather useful feedback from all project stakeholders from early on in the process.
Work on shared prototypes with your team at the same time. Share assets with your colleagues, enhancing brand consistency and reducing rework.

Choose from one of the many user testing tools Justinmind is integrated with, and let real world users validate your prototype.

Add comments to app prototypes Add comments to app prototypes
Team comments to a UI wireframe
Collaborative prototyping with comments on a wireframe

One-stop Platform for Application Definition

On-Premise collaboration server - Requirements Management - JIRA, Doors, TFS Integration
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Prototype faster. Communicate better

All the features you'll ever need to build web and mobile prototypes
1000+ ui elements for prototyping
Start prototyping right away with ready-made UI libraries specifically designed for the web and any mobile device.
View & test your prototypes instantly
Simulate your wireframes from any browser or directly from your mobile device, and test your final app before coding.
Web interactions &
mobile gestures
Choose from many user triggers, mobile gestures and transitions and make your app prototypes feel as realistic as possible.
& effects
Improve UX in interaction design by choosing from a vast selection of interactions and effects to build beautiful animations.
Drag and drop UI elements to create your wireframe
View and test your UI prototypes on any mobile device
Add interactions to website prototypes
Add animations and effects to your web wireframes
Requirements management at the UI prototyping stage
Share your prototypes and get feedback
Export your prototypes to specification documents
Reuse content in your wireframes with templates
Capture and visualize requirements in your prototype components and screens. Integrate them with your requirements management tools.
Share and get
A single click lets you publish your prototypes and invite all project stakeholders to give feedback early on in the creative process.
HTML Export &
Export your prototypes to clear specifications documents along with the visuals needed for project interpretation.
Avoid rework and speed up your prototyping process by reusing and sharing content with templates and custom UI libraries.

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