15 free mobile app templates for your next design

June 17, 2022
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Looking for a quick start in a new project? Discover these 15 practical app templates made by the Justinmind team just for you.

Sometimes, a template is just what you need when looking to get a new project off the ground. Look no further than these 15 awesome templates that cover everything from music players and travel booking all the way to dog sitting and online shopping.

Make your favorite templates interactive with Justinmind

Simply download the template and open it using Justinmind’s UI design tool. And just like that, you’re ready to add as many details, change as many things about the template as you desire, and make it interactive so it behaves just right.

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15 mobile app templates for your next design

1. Fitness clothing store app

This app template comes with many screens, making it the perfect starting point for any ecommerce app where items are sold. And it doesn’t just come with the basic visuals either – the entire app enjoys basic interaction design too. Buttons can be clicked, input fields can be typed on and navigation buttons can be used.

Download the template.

showing template of fitness app

2. Shoe ecommerce app

This app template brings you a total of 4 screens, from the homepage and items page to the shopping cart. This design offers great layout planning with pastels and a young feel. This is a wonderful example of a simple but effective ecommerce app.

Download the template.

justinmind shoe template

3. Headphones ecommerce app

This app comes with a beautiful homepage design, which displays products with a card system while also offering filtering options to users. Both the item page and the review page prioritize a featured image of the product, making for a great balance in the visual hierarchy of the app.

Download the template.

headphones app template justinmind

4. Travel eCommerce app

With 3 screens, this app template is all about making the most of the space and allowing things to breathe. The homepage brings not only a horizontal card system, but also filtering options as well as category buttons for further exploration of experiences. The Detail screen comes with a beautiful split screen style, allowing for a thorough description of the item.

Download the template.

travel template justinmind

5. Fashion store app

Using a tab system, this homepage design allows users to flip through the types of item based on what they’re looking for. Aside from the smart navigation design, we also find that products are listed in individually arranged areas as opposed to simple cards, allowing each item to shine bright.

Download the template.

app template fashion justinmind

6. Fitness app flow

The Fitness Flow app template is all about using white space to provide a good layout. The dashboard offers a snapshot at key health and fitness metrics, such as distance ran or hours slept. There is also a couple of different activity charts, allowing users more than one way to look at their data.

Download the template.

fitness app 2 template by justinmind

7. Guided meditation app

With 3 screens, this app template is all about offering relaxing visuals and a clear hierarchy of elements. In the home screen, we have a card system with a search bar as well as filtering options. The Activity screen brings a different card system, with small cards and more options on display. There is also a progress bar.

Download the template.

meditaiton app by justinmind

8. News editorial app

Perfect for any content-heavy product design, this editorial app template makes the most of displaying articles and allowing words to shine. The homepage allows both a featured article as well as listing of other content, using a classic hamburger menu and navigation bar for the navigation.

Download the template.

ui design app template editorial

9. Scheduling app

Although this app template comes with only 3 screens, it offers great value to designers creating any product with a scheduling feature. The layout allows for a display of both days and a more detailed vision of the day’s appointments with a floating action button. There is also an onboarding screen as well as a video call screen.

Download the template.

scheduling app template ui

10. Distance learning app

This app template comes with a total of 5 screens, including the homepage, courses screen as well as login and profile screens. The homepage comes with a search bar, an accordion system to organize the current courses as well as a filtering option. The course page acts as a listing screen, with a featured course above, followed by individual cards below.

Download the template.

ui design for distance learning app

11. Music player mobile app

This design captures a classic music player, complete with homepage, player screen and a song list screen. Made with exception layout design, this can be easily adapted to reflect your style while saving a whole lot of time.

Download the template.

music player ui template

12. Smart home app

The Smart Home App template works well as a base to any dashboard style of design. Made with a graphical background and a card system, the profile screen acts a type of home. The Rooms screen maintains the card system, but also offers a tab navigation where users can flip through the rooms in their homes and see the listed devices in each one.

Download the template.

smart home app template justinmind

13. Dog adoption app

This app template is one of the more complete cases we have, with nothing less than 7 screens. Made with a bright look and young feel, you can expect beautifully made forms, card systems and creative filtering options.

Download the template.

dog adoption justinmind template

14. Fitness and exercise app

You’ll find everything you need for a complete fitness app in this template. From keeping up with sport performance, seeing usual running routes and even tracking one’s eating habits. This app has plenty of information condensed into a few powerful screens.

Download the template.

fitness app template 3

15. Travel experiences app

Despite being a single screen, this app template brings you the full interaction needed for a functioning carousel. The design also comes with filtering options, a hamburger menu as well as a notification icon. In short, everything you need for a dramatic but effective home screen design!

Download the template.

travel app template ui

The wrap up

Using design templates is a sure way to not only save time, but also to rely on common patterns that have been tested and approved by countless other designers out there. With these templates made for you by the Justinmind team, you can scale your design and worry about the truly important aspects of the product!

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