Integrations and plugins

Integrations and plugins

Integrate Justinmind with other design, project management and user testing tools

Justinmind plugin: import from sketch

Justinmind's Sketch integration

Export your designs from Sketch and add interactions, effects and transitions down to the smallest detail. Then, watch your ideas come to life. Download our Sketch plug-in and get ready to experience seamless synchronization with full design control.

Powerful integration with Adobe tools

Create and edit assets with Adobe Creative Cloud and see those edits reflected instantly in your interactive prototypes. Make the changes you need, where you need them.

Justinmind and Adobe Photoshop


Create stunning designs in Photoshop, and import them into Justinmind with a simple click.

Justinmind and Adobe Illustrator


Import your vector assets from Illustrator into Justinmind to transform them into high-fidelity prototypes.

Justinmind and Adobe XD


Having all your layers from Adobe XD converted into individual elements. Shapes will remain shapes and all text will be editable.

Import from Figma

Convert your Figma-made design into fully functional simulations, improving communication in your team. Start in-depth testing before writing a single line of code.

Import from Figma into Justinmind
Justinmind and Atlassian JIRA addon

Atlassian JIRA integration

Create tasks in Atlassian JIRA from Justinmind, sync all changes and consolidate requirements across platforms. Our JIRA integration is built natively in Justinmind, so you don’t even need to install anything. But we developed an Atlassian addon to make your workflow management easy as pie.

Justinmind and Atlassian Confluence addon

Justinmind and Confluence

Justinmind+ for Confluence is the best way to seamlessly integrate Justinmind into your Confluence content. Embed shared links by themselves or add multiple tabs with notes, images, PDFs, whiteboards and 150+ other compatible apps.

Justinmind and Azure DevOps integration

We also love Azure DevOps

Import work items from Microsoft Azure DevOps (former TFS) to Justinmind and associate work items to UI elements in your prototype. Share prototypes with stakeholders so they can view requirements right there in the interface, or navigate to issues.

User testing tools integration

Easy, effective user testing thanks to Justinmind’s usability testing tool integrations. Share and simulate your prototypes with users, gather feedback and iterate faster, better.

User testing tools with justinmind integration