Team up with reviewers and developers

Share and get feedback

Mobile prototype with feedback and comments

A powerful sharing and commenting experience

Validate quickly and early on. Let all stakeholders test and review your prototype, leaving no room for misunderstandings. Reviewers can give feedback and link their comments to any UI element.

Justinmind's developer interface with redlines

Take designer-developer collaboration to the next level

Say goodbye to time-costly communication breakdowns. With Justinmind’s developer-friendly viewer, design-development collaboration is stress-free.
Keeping developers in the loop means your designs get built pixel perfect.

Developers can view exact measurements and spacing between UI elements, as well as general properties. Plus they can copy up-to-date CSS styles and export assets.

Multiple users designing the same prototype

Team prototyping made simple

Multiple users can work on or edit the same prototype simultaneously. And don’t worry about manually tracking changes. Our powerful version control system will let you see who made each modification or revision. All project details and changes are registered for each version.

Team and synchronized UI kits

Team UI libraries synchronization

Manage UI guidelines and boost productivity. You can create your own UI widget libraries and manage them in one place to stay in sync across all teams.

Export to HTML

Test and validate with highly interactive HTML

Export your mobile and web prototypes to fully functional and interactive HTML pages that can be seen in a web browser. Our simple export options allow you to include or exclude comments, and optimize code so screens load faster.

Justinmind export to customized document options

Customizable specification documents

Instantly export your project to clear specifications documents, along with the visuals needed for easy interpretation.

All the information in your prototypes can be exported to customizable documents. You can even create customized document templates.

Map out the user journey with flow diagrams

Define the user navigation flow in your prototypes by designing functional scenarios. You can simulate the prototype and interact with the pre-defined navigation.

Mobile app user flow diagram

Seamless collaboration

User management
User management

Add and group users according to their roles. Control and change users’ prototype access at any time.

Reviewers and developers
Reviewers and developers

Manage prototype reviewers the way that works for you. Give developers access to specs in the design inspector.


Receive notifications when you’ve got prototypes, changes or revisions to review. Switch them off for individual projects – your call.

On-premise collaboration
On-premise collaboration

Install the Collaboration Server behind your firewall. Get unlimited storage for your wireframes and prototypes.

Permissions, roles & repositories
Permissions, roles & repositories

With Collaboration Server on-premise you can maintain full control, easily administering and managing repositories, permissions, roles, and access levels.

LDAP integration
LDAP integration

Integrate the collaboration platform with your LDAP to streamline user login.