Visualize your project requirements

Integrate and manage them into the prototyping process
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Link text requirements to visual components

Add and manage text requirements within the UI prototype, then associate them to specific UI elements to maintain traceability. You can visually confirm implementation of each requirement at a glance.
Mobile app requirements linked to visual components

Powerful version tracking for requirements

Make requirements easy to understand, communicate and manage. A version history is available for all modifications from start to finish. All requirements can be organized in customized categories with labels and colors.

Create customized requirement fields

You can organize requirements in up to 15 pre-defined fields and easily search through them. You can also add an unlimited number of new fields to the existing ones. This means you can integrate requirements with the project management tools you're already using.

JIRA and TFS integrations

Justinmind offers advanced integration with agile management tools like Atlassian JIRA and Microsoft TFS. Users can easily sync tasks between these tools and Justinmind.
"Justinmind’s reviewer functionality gives clients a 360 degree experience of our designs before investing a penny. It’s inception to delivery."
Siraj Salim
Head of UX at Science Navigation Group
"Efficiently showing our requirements has enabled us to make highly well-designed products that our clients love"
Kacie Conroy
Senior business analyst at Yahara Software

Connect UI design with requirements management

Requirements traceability
Trace requirements by associating them with specific UI elements in your prototypes.
Requirements configuration
Customize requirements fields for individual prototypes, or set and customize master requirements fields so that all of your prototypes will take on changes.
IBM Doors integration
Optimize requirements communication and collaboration. Sync Justinmind with IBM DOORS to see requirements in context.
Categorize requirements
Configure your own requirements categories and customize them to meet your needs.
Import and export to Excel and CSV
Load lists of requirements from Excel documents or export requirements from Justinmind to spreadsheets.
Use the Justinmind API to code your own plug-ins or download the pre-made ones from our website.

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