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Justinmind customer Bill Rollinson from Surfit Locker
Matchmaking surfers to their dream board with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Markku Lukkarinen from Tieto
Tieto makes the digital world a better place, with a little help from Justinmind
Justinmind customer Jack Bellis from Elsevier
Revolutionizing design at Elsevier, one of the world's biggest science analytics companies
Justinmind customer Cyrus Khambatta from MangoMan
How MangoMan is making life better for Bay Area diabetics with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Temple University
Temple University inspires the next generation of designers with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Emilio Gonzalez from Boosted Boards
Boosted Boards takes electronic skateboards to the next level with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Javier Lianes
Re-imagining the future of e-readers with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Terry Chou
How middle schoolers are designing mobile apps with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Siraj Salim from Ampersand and Ampersand
How Justinmind helps Ampersand and Ampersand communicate with clients
With the ability to create prototypes across different screen sizes and devices, we are able to validate hypotheses prior to creative design and build
Chris Murray
VP/Director, User Experience at Digitas Health
Justinmind combines a design environment with outstanding prototyping & collaboration features in one single tool
Markku Lukkarinen
Senior UX Designer
Our team uses Justinmind to share ideas, collaborate, test assumptions, and prototype multiple design concepts for our web and mobile applications
Randi Boyd
Principal, UX director at Ink Cloud Group
Justinmind customer Pompeu Fabra University
Software engineering with empathy at Barcelona's Pompeu Fabra University
Justinmind customer Judit Casacuberta from Scytl
Making elections fairer with voting organization Scytl & Justinmind
Justinmind customer Evan Krauss from Deets
How Deets is bringing innovation to mobile apps with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Corey Anand from West Agile Labs
The future of design & prototyping at West Agile Labs
Justinmind customer Lee Wells from Paycor
Designing smarter at Paycor with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Charles Diggs from TokBox
How TokBox solved rework problems with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Long Pan from Endicia
How Justinmind helps Endicia stay at the cutting edge of shipping
Justinmind customer Kurt Stangl
Building the driverless car future with Justinmind
Justinmind customer Boris Iglesias from Hockeystick
How Justinmind is making Hockeystick's Fintech platform user-friendly

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