Prototyping tool to design no-code simulations

Deliver the right product. Avoid rework. Boost user adoption

The ultimate prototyping tool to design simulations

Enjoy a full set of web interactions

You’ll find all types of interactions you need to create the user experience. From a simple click to keyboard-activated interactions and loading pages. Improve the adoption of your web apps and boost your website’s conversion rates.

Mobile gestures to create life-like app prototypes

Make use of a wide range of gestures to design a mobile app prototype that behaves just like the real deal. Rotate, swipe, scroll or pinch your way around the prototype design for a realistic experience.

Powerful tools to design advanced interactions

Add conditions to interactions


Add sequences of actions


Transitions and effects

Transitions and effects

Validate and test early on

Test your prototypes with our emulators while you design. Don’t wait until the final moment to validate your design assumptions with real users. Test with life-like simulations for reliable results.


Simulate the behavior of the prototype while you design. You’ll have the entire experience available in the navigator.

Test on device

Allow your users to experience the prototype on any iPhone, iPad or Android device using our mobile app.

One prototyping tool to rule all screens

Justinmind ensures your prototypes are adaptable to any device. Prepare for screen dimensions and different devices.

Liquid layouts
Liquid layouts

Design prototypes that are ready for any screen size and orientation with ease.

Auto-resize UI components

Simply choose the components and rest assured they will adapt and look exactly like they should.

Prototyping pinning
Advanced pinning

Fix UI components in any part of the screen to create parallax effects or floating elements.

Prototype forms and data like a Pro

Prototype forms within minutes and test them on the spot – without writing any code whatsoever. Our prototyping tool brings you form components with pre-built interactions and a whole world of possible validators.

Functional form elements

Functional form elements

Prototyping fields validation

Form fields validation

Prototyping data grids and lists

Design data grids and lists

Prototyping business logic

Business logic by drag and drop

More prototyping features you’ll love

smart templates for prototypes
Smart templates

Design UI layouts and pre-define styles that jump-start your prototyping abilities.

masters for designing prototypes

Groups of elements you can implement over and over. Make global changes across the prototype.

dynamic panels for holding components
Dynamic Panels

Display different content and elements in the same area of the screen with this widget.

export prototype into html
Export to interactive HTML

Export the entire prototype into interactive HTML for a developer handoff that is truly smooth.

generate specification documentation
Generate documentation

One click is all you need to receive your customizable specifications documentation.

variables for using data

Transfer information from screen to screen for a data-savvy design that doesn’t eat up all your time.