Managing your account settings and users

When you register with Justinmind, you create an online account. During the 10-day trial period, you will have access to all the collaboration services and the account settings. Once the trial period has expired, you will still be able to log in to your account but only to buy a subscription or a license.

You can access your online account here.

Note: when you click on the link, you will be prompted to log in if you are not already logged in.

Account settings


As a Justinmind user, you can edit your profile by going to the Settings tab and selecting the Profile sub-tab.
Here, you can update the email address, first name, last name, password, time zone and profile avatar related to your user profile.justinmind online account profile
You can return to the Profile sub-tab at any time by clicking on your avatar in the top right-hand corner of your online account.justinmind online account profile access


Account owners can access account settings from the Account sub-tab.

Note: the Account sub-tab can only be accessed by the Account owner. Other Justinmind users will not find this sub-tab within the Settings tab.

From the Account sub-tab, the Account owner can manage payment details and number of users in the account.

Here, you will find the following options:justinmind online account sub tab

  1. Upcoming payment details -Justinmind subscription owners will find their payment due date and the last four digits of their credit card.Perpetual license owners will find a link to renew their maintenance at the top of the page and up to 30 days before maintenance expires.
  2. Subscription information – you’ll find information about the type of subscription you have and how you can upgrade it here.
  3. Subscription actions – options to change your payment details (including the credit card details and the name and email address of the person who receives invoices), downgrade or upgrade your account, or to cancel your subscription can be found here.
  4. Transfer account – click this link to transfer account ownership to another user.


Account owners can access their invoices from the Billing sub-tab.justinmind online account billing
Here, billing entries, amounts and dates are displayed for each invoice. If you want to view or print an invoice, click on the relevant invoice and it will open in a new tab in your browser.


As an account owner, you can edit your branding details from the Branding sub-tab.
Here, you can customize the appearance of your online account with your company name, logo and color palette.

Anyone you invite to review your prototype will be able to see your branding.justinmind online account branding

  1. Account name – the account name is shown at the top of each page, next to your avatar. Customize it so your company name appears here.
  2. Customize your color – customize the colors of your online account.Click on the Color selection box or input the HEX color code to customize the color of your online account header (only for onsite use).Click on the Links and texts color selection box or input the HEX color code to customize the color of your online account’s links and text.
  3. Set your branding logo – click on the Justinmind logo to upload a custom logo.Your logo will be displayed at the top of each page in your online account, at the top of the prototype’s comments area and on emails sent out to prototype reviewers.

Adding and managing prototyping users

As Account owner, you can assign prototyping users to your account and create groups of users. To do so, go to the Users tab of your online account.

The Users tab has two sub-tabs: User Management and Groups.

User Management

The User Management sub-tab is the first tab you see within the Users tab. Here, you can list new users and view all the prototyping users who have access to Justinmind via your account. These users will be able to use Justinmind to create and edit prototypes as well.justinmind online account user management

Creating a new user

To create a new user, click the “Create a new user” button. You will need to enter an email address, a first name and last name. Click “Create user” to apply changes.justinmind online account new user
When creating the user, you can add them to a group if you already have one created. To do so, select a user group from the “Select a group” drop-down.justinmind online account select group
To create a new user group, click here.

You can also add new users by clicking the “Import users from CSV” link to import user info from a pre-defined list. Learn more about this here.

When you create a new user, they will receive an activation email.justinmind online account activation email
Once they click on the user activation link in the email, they will able to start prototyping with Justinmind.

As Account owner, you will find a card with an overview of each user profile in the User Management sub-tab. From the Actions drop-down in the bottom right-hand corner of each card, you can modify the user’s permissions or remove them from your account.justinmind online account remove user

User groups

In the Groups sub-tab, you can see and create user groups.justinmind-online account user groups sub tab
To create a new group, click the “New group” button. In the dialog that appears, give the group a name and click “Create group”.justinmind online account create group
In the bottom right-hand corner of each group card, there is an Actions drop-down. Here, you can perform the following operations:justinmind online account group drop-down

  1. Add/Remove users – by clicking on “Add/remove users” you can add or remove user from the group
  2. Rename – click “Rename” to modify the name of this group
  3. Delete – click “Delete” to delete this group

Adding a user to a group:

To add a user to a group:
justinmind online account group drop-down

  1. In the Groups sub-tab, go to the card of the group you wish to add a user to. In the bottom right-hand corner, select “View” from the Actions drop-down.
  2. In the next screen, click the “Add users to this group” button.
  3. In the dialog that appears, select the users that you wish to add to this group. Click “Add” to apply changes.

Back in the screen, you’ll find the cards of the users you have added to this group.

Removing a user

If you want to remove a user from a group, go to the Actions drop-down in the right-hand corner of that user’s card within the Groups sub-tab and select “Remove from group”.justinmind online account remove user group

Bulk importing users from a .csv file

If you would like to add multiple users to your account, you can import them from a .csv file to save time.

Before you get started

To add users to your account, you’ll need:

  • The names and email addresses of the users who you want to add to your account
  • A blank sheet in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, saved as a comma separated value (.CSV) file

Importing user details from a .csv file

To prepare your file for importing, follow these steps:

  1. Open your blank worksheet in your spreadsheet program.  The first row should read as follows “Email”, “Name” (and “Last name” and “Password” if desired, though not obligatory).Learn more about password protecting a prototype here.bulk-importing-new-users-1
  2. Add your contacts’ details into the relevant fields in the spreadsheet.Save/download the file in .csv csv file
  3. Go to the User Management sub-tab and click the “Import users from CSV” linkClick the “Select file” button, choose your .csv file containing the user contact details and click the “Import users” button.choose csv file
  4. Your new users should appear in the users display

Account management FAQs

I have a Justinmind account but it shows that my account has expired. What can I do?

If your account has expired, it either means that your free trial has expired or that your subscription has been cancelled. In both cases, you can sign up for a subscription (or a license) in the Account sub-tab.

When I sign in in the account, I can’t see my projects and prototypes. What can I do?

This may happen when:

  • You sign into an expired account. To see your projects and prototypes you must be signed into an account with an active subscription or perpetual license.
  • You purchase a Justinmind subscription/license using a different email address to the one used for your trial. To see your projects and prototypes, make sure you use the same email address you used to sign up for your trial when purchasing the subscription/license.
  • You purchase a Justinmind subscription/license after your Justinmind account has expired. Once your 10-day free trial expires or your last current billing cycle comes to an end, you are given a 10-day grace period to purchase a subscription/license before your published projects are permanently deleted. After the 10-day grace period, projects and prototypes are automatically deleted and the same account cannot be reinstated.

How can I transfer ownership from one account to another?

  1. Activate the account by clicking on the activation link that was sent to your email address (if you haven’t done so yet).
  2. Log in to your online account.
  3. For multi-user accounts, add the new user to your account. Note: for single accounts see ‘How can I switch over to another email?
  4. Go to the Account sub-tab and click on the “Transfer account” link and select the new Account owner from the Actions drop-down list of users.
  5. Click on the “Transfer ownership” button to confirm transfer or owner permissions.

How can I switch over to another email?

You can change the email address associated with your account in the Profile sub-tab of Account settings.

I have a prototyping user who is no longer with our company. How do I remove that person from our account?

The account owner can delete the user from the account. To do this, you first need to sign out of Justinmind on the user’s computers, and then select “Remove from account” from the Actions drop-down menu in to the user’s card.

In Justinmind version 7.7 and older, you need to unregister the key registered in Justinmind by clicking on “Help” menu and “Unregister key”.

When a subscription is cancelled, what happens to the prototypes that I uploaded online?

Your prototypes will only be accessible online while you have an active subscription. Prototypes will be deleted from your online account 10 days after your subscription is cancelled.

How do I change the credit card that will be used for my subscription?

The account owner can update the credit card details following these steps:

  1. Go to your Account sub-tab.
  2. Click the “Change credit card” link within the Subscription actions on the right-hand side of the page, change your credit card information and click the “Save Changes” button.
Note: the new credit card details will be used for upcoming invoices.

Where can I access my paid invoices?

Paid invoices can be found in the Billing sub-tab. How can I change billing information for upcoming invoices? The account owner can update the billing information in Billing sub-tab, by clicking the “Change billing info” link within the Subscription actions on the right-hand side of the page.

When I sign in into Justinmind, it shows a connection error message. What should I do?

If you’re working under a proxy connection, it might be blocking the internet connection. If this is the case, you should configure the proxy settings in the Settings link at the bottom of the Sign in dialog.

Otherwise, you can try to activate the product via browser, by clicking on the corresponding link in the pop up.

I want to use Justinmind on another computer but it won’t let me do it, it says “Too many sign- ins”. What should I do?

too many sign ins
Each user can install and use Justinmind on a maximum of two computers at one time. If you want to use it on a third computer, you need to sign out from one of the two computers you’re already logged into. If you’re still unable to access Justinmind after logging out and in again, please contact us.

I have a valid account with Justinmind but I can’t use the prototyping tool. What can I do?

You need to make sure that you’re logged in with the correct login details in Justinmind’s editor. Click on the profile avatar in the top right-hand corner and check that you’re logged in with the correct account, i.e. the account with a license or subscription.