Export Sketch assets to Justinmind

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Advanced export options

Creating stunning visual designs in Sketch is a no-brainer for many designers – but when it comes to making those designs interactive, there’s really only one way to go.

Export visuals from sketch as layers
Export as layers

Export your individual Sketch layers into Justinmind and find the individual images in your project.

Export visuals from sketch as images
Export as images

Maintain the styles you implemented and add on to your design the remaining UI elements as needed.

Prototype in justinmind with sketch artboards

Change imported artboards

Once your artboards are in Justinmind, you’re free to edit them and shape them so your design is a perfect representation of your ideas. The best part? It takes about 2 clicks and 3 seconds to import your artboard into Justinmind.

Edit texts design with Sketch in your project

Editing text

In adding text to your Sketch design, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that text boxes are already interactive when it comes to text fields. With Justinmind, shaping content to fit the design is a piece of cake.

Edit svg files in project

Export your work as layers and edit at will

Create your beautiful visuals on Sketch and export it as layers. Once you open the file on Justinmind, you’ll find that elements appear as vector images – which you can edit and modify to suit your design needs.

Add hi-fi interactions to UI elements

Take your Sketch design to the next level by turning it into a fully functioning prototype. Add sparkly or sober interactions that will make the product speak to users, and choose from a wide range of UI elements for those finishing touches.

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