All-in-One prototyping tool for web and mobile apps

Everything you’ll ever need in a prototyping tool

  • iOS & Android Justinmind allows you to prototype faster and better with default built-in widgets. These widgets have been specifically designed to fit your iOS or Android app, so your content always looks great.
  • Web Every widget library is designed to help you jumpstart your web wireframes. Justinmind includes a handy collection of web buttons, menus, charts, and more that can be used automatically.
  • Google Glasses Justinmind helps you follow standard guidelines with perfect-fit predesigned cards and patterns for Google Glass apps. Each widget in this library runs smoothly with Justinmind and can be pushed and simulated in a Glass device.
  • Create your own widgets Create your own widgets, with your own style and interactions, or choose from the hundreds of Justinmind’s pre-designed widgets, which you can easily refine and reuse.
  • Sketch & Shapes Create a low-fidelity wireframe when focusing on content and structure. With Justinmind you can choose between different widget libraries that include interactive sketch-like components, arrows, menus, images and more.
  • Windows 8 Prototype any kind of app for Windows 8 with this incredible library. You will find inputs, menus and many other controls to mockup your next Windows 8 app.
  • ERP With Justinmind you can run different scenarios to verify and validate enterprise processes. Download our Oracle Fusion or SAP widget libraries to make highly interactive wireframes of your internal processes, with simple drag-and-drop items.
  • Embed HTML & Documents This Justinmind widget library allows you to easily insert HTML, Docs, and video, including online widgets, interactive maps and other on/offline content, to name a few.
  • More Import the right widgets for your design. Check out all the libraries we have in store for you and/or share your own with the Justinmind Community.


  • Web Interactions Justinmind comes with all sorts of events, such as Onclick, rollover, OnkeyPressed, and many more, which you can choose to define interactions. Show and hide content, change style, and resize are just some of the interactions you can simulate without any technical expertise.
  • Mobile Gestures Choose from a complete set of gestures that will make your prototype feel as realistic as possible. Think swipe, pinch, scroll, tap, toggle and more. All gestures can be simulated on our mobile emulators and tested on real devices.
  • Transitions and Effects You can control all the different events and animations, as well as define how your items will react by using transitions and effects that work hand in hand with gestures. All transitions and effects can be simulated on our mobile emulators and tested on real devices.

Visual Design

  • Image Hotspots After pulling in your images, Justinmind makes it easy for you to turn your static design into clickable interactive wireframes by setting up hotspots and linking screens.
  • Colors, Shadows, and Gradients With Justinmind you can define all formatting details of your design. Create unique gradients with a combination of colors, orientation, reverse colors or double gradients, and use them as background.
  • Rounded Borders Customize and control your widgets borders, one by one or all at once. You can chose to use the slider or spinner to adjust the edges of your borders, making them go from sharp to completely round.
  • Image Synchronization Linking images can be especially helpful when working simultaneously with Photoshop. All images embedded in your wireframe will be automatically updated whenever remote files are modified from your editor.
  • Adobe Illustrator integration Copy/Paste from Illustrator to Justinmind as a SVG file. You will be able to edit the image in Illustrator and see the changes reflected in the wireframe you’re designing
  • Drag-drop images from browser & files Justinmind allows you to get images directly from your web browser, or from the file system with a simple drag-and-drop movement.
  • Adjust images All images inserted on your wireframe can be modified to fit the dimensions and style of your design. Justinmind’s editing features allow you to crop images, rotate or flip images across axes, resize them and more.
  • Fonts Have complete control over your design and give it a voice. The font type drop-down allows you to choose from the hundreds of font options available in Google’s font directory.
  • Smart Guides Use guides, rulers, and the grid to help you place and align every element you drag into your canvas. Configure the grid, rulers and canvas size so your content is consistent throughout the entire design.
  • SVG Files Easily embed or link vectorial files just as you would any other image. With Justinmind you can import any SVG file and scale it to any visual size without loss of quality.

Web Simulation & Testing

  • Web Emulator Simulation goes beyond a simple skin, offering you a native web display of input fields, select lists, scroll bars and more. Justinmind’s web emulator will simulate your responsive design in the most common version of a browser.
  • User Testing Tools integration Choose from one of these user testing tools: Keynote, Userzoom, Loop11, Clicktale, Usabilla, Usertesting, Crazyegg, Google Analytics, Trymyui, or Userlytics and ensure the success of your experience through real world users.

Mobile Simulation & Testing

  • iPhone & iPad App Viewer Justinmind is designed with modern mobile devices in mind. Our Apps allows you to simulate and test the entire user experience directly from your iPhone or iPad device.
  • Android App Viewer Simulate your wireframe and test it directly from your Android mobile or tablet using the Justinmind App.
  • Mobile Emulators Choose between different iPhone or iPad, and any Android or custom device, to simulate your wireframe instantly from your browser. Simulation settings will allow you to preview the complete experience as in a real device, including pinch, scroll, and other native gestures.
  • User Testing Tools integration Run a user test with your wireframe to evaluate interactions, features and the overall user experience in the real world.


  • Interactive HTML+JS Generate an interactive HTML prototype. Our simple export option allows you to include or exclude comments, and it optimizes code so screens can load faster.
  • Document Generation Export your project to MS Word or Open Office and get a clear specifications document along with the visuals needed for interpretation in a single click. Justinmind lets you configure options to include, in your specs document, as many details as you need to.
  • Document Customization Each document’s content can be easily customized to fit your requirements. Configurable options for the final document let you include or not, information such as comments and requirements.
  • To Images You will be able to easily turn screens, templates, masters or scenarios into image files.
  • Navigation Map Get a quick and clear global view of the complete navigation with an auto generated site map of your wireframe.

Reuse Content & Styles

  • Templates Save time using your templates as starting points. Create and share content (headers, footers and more) that you can use and reuse on any screen or design. All templates can be edited, exported and imported as needed.
  • Styles You can change the default style, position, size, background, and layout distribution of any widget to fit the look and feel of your different screens. All style customization for one item can be copy and pasted for any widget.
  • Masters The huge benefit of using Masters is that changes are applied globally across your prototype. All masters can be imported, exported and shared with other users.

Feedback: Share & Comments

  • Publish & Review Make your wireframe available to view in any web browser, or publish them on remote user testing tools. Your wireframe simulation will be available for your reviewers to give you meaningful feedback. Published wireframes can be replaced with updated versions.
  • Reviewers Management The owners have complete control over the people who can review and access a prototype. Review invites are sent via email to selected users or group of users. You can revoke a reviewer’s permission as easily as you granted it.
  • Public & Private Prototypes Send your prototype’s URL to anyone you want to see it. If you need extra security, or have confidential projects you can make them password-protected.
  • Commenting System Colleagues and clients anywhere, can access published wireframes to test, and comment. All feedback can be easily organized so no details get lost.
  • Online & Offline Comments synchronization Comment and review wireframes anytime, anywhere. When a connection is available your feedback will automatically sync to your account with your updates.
  • Categories All feedback can be easily organized in customized categories with labels and colors for solid management. Comments can be seen/made in the specific part of the design that is being reviewed so you never lose track.

Business Logic, Forms, and Datagrids

  • Variables Variables allow to share data between different screens, acting as generic containers which can be used to define interactive content and behavior based on user input.
  • Conditional Navigation The conditions editor makes it easy to apply conditional navigation to your prototype. Simply drag-and-drop variables, screen elements and more to the blank expression dialog box and build your conditional rule instantly.
  • Forms validation Simulate form filling with, either validate as you type, or validation upon submission, and ensure correct information input to successfully complete an operation. Simulate error messages when conditions and business rules are not met, or a required field input is invalid.
  • Forms simulation Use drag-and-drop elements to build content driven forms and simulate live form filling and input submission. All attributes and values as well as conditions and validation rules can be easily created and modified as needed.
  • Datagrids Justinmind lets you design smart data grids, and simulate their dynamic behavior. You can combine operators and validations with fields, variables, and your own data.
  • Test with data Data grids and forms can be tested instantly with real data coming from csv files, this is especially helpful to validate data driven enterprise processes.
  • Business Logic Get the details right. Simulate end-to-end flows of all business rules and conditions to validate the specific requirements of your prototype.

Teamwork and Version Control

  • Team Prototyping An entire team can edit and make changes simultaneously on the same wireframe.
  • Version Control A versioned history is available at any time for every wireframe design. All project details, and changes are registered for each version.
  • Team Shared Widgets Share and manage your widget libraries centrally, so the entire team is automatically synchronized to the latest version.
  • Online and Offline teamwork With Justinmind you can open shared prototypes to work offline. A prototype copy stored locally can be opened at any time to work on it. When a connection is available you will be able to commit changes and sync your prototype for available updates.

Functional Scenarios

  • Diagraming flows Create diagrams easily and quickly, before or after designing your wireframe and visualize all flows of your experience at once. All screens in the diagram stretch and shrink according to its content, so no details are lost.
  • Flow Validation Complete your diagram and validate screen flows automatically as you drag-and-drop them into your canvas. Take advantage and complete it in order to identify design problems early.

Requirements Management

  • Versioning Requirements Every prototype design has its own requirements, in order to keep track a versioned history is registered, of all requirements modifications from start to finish.
  • Integration with 3rd party tools Justinmind allows the integration of requirements to or from the requirements management tools you are already using.
  • Requirements Categorization All requirements can be easily organized in customized categories with labels and colors for solid and efficient management.
  • CMMI Compliance Justinmind ’s requirements management tool meets CMMI requirements regarding fields and versioning.


  • API With the Justinmind API you can integrate your prototypes with 3rd party tools or generate your own UI code.
  • SDK Download Justinmind’s SDK to easily code integrations and create your own plugins.
  • Tutorials and Examples Use Justinmind’s step by step tutorials to quickly learn how to write code integrations. Take a look at our plugin examples, including generating jQuery Mobile HTML5, exporting comments to JIRA and more.