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Explore how Justinmind has helped real clients bring their innovative ideas to life through prototyping in our latest, free eBook

Explore how Justinmind has helped real clients bring their innovative ideas to life through prototyping in our latest, free eBook

Prototyping has become standard practice in the definition phase of enterprise software creation. It has proved time and time again to be an effective approach to visualizing the final software before additional resources are put towards finalization.

Embark on a journey through our clients’ prototyping success stories. Discover real world case studies and testimonials about how Justinmind has brought consumers and clients together on one platform to collaborate and innovate in software definition.

What you’ll find in our eBook

In this eBook, Justinmind Enterprise and Pro users have provided in-depth testimonials that depict how prototyping with Justinmind has benefited their projects, teams, and clients. From low-fidelity wireframes to fully-functional prototypes, our clients share stories on capturing and managing requirements, synchronizing work across teams, and validating their prototypes instantly using real data and on-device simulation.

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What you’ll learn from our eBook

  • How our clients have managed to reduce time and costs in the software definition phase. Prototyping with Justinmind aims at improving the requirements life cycle in order to make definition processes more efficient and less costly and time heavy. This in turn makes the transition from software definition to development more logical for all involved.
  • How prototyping enables requirements definition and management and visualization of the end product prior to development – making project sign off quicker and less painful.
  • How to reduce heavy documentation prior to project kick off by consolidating requirements management and prototypes within a single software definition platform. Explore a simple, visual way to validate functional specifications.
  • How prototyping can be implemented into agile scrum management.
  • How Justinmind helps design ideas to take shape and the benefits of prototyping to the user experience throughout the software creation process.
  • How design and UX teams can create digital products and optimize team collaboration interaction design and user testing and research – all within a single tool.

Who our eBook is aimed at

Our eBook is aimed at anyone who wants to gain insights into prototyping with a low to high fidelity design tool. It will be of particular interest to:

  • Product Managers
  • User Experience Professionals and Consultants
  • Information Architects

Download Justinmind’s free eBook now and don’t miss out on first-hand experiences from real Justinmind prototyping advocates. 

Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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