Learn how to prototype web and mobile apps

How to share your web and mobile prototypes

In this video you’ll find the details on how to share your web and mobile prototypes.

You’re all set to share your prototypes! Take a look at the list of tutorials available in our Online account section.

Publishing your wireframes online (video transcription)

Justinmind offers several options for sharing prototypes, which can be accessed through the application and online account.

Publishing content to the linked Justinmind account is simple. Once changes have been saved, select the Share menu item to start the process. Once complete, the prototype will appear under the projects tab within your Justinmind online account.

If input is needed from peers, set the prototype to private and use the reviewers option to specify those invited. In the email list field, you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to review this prototype.

On the right-end side, you will find all the users and groups that you can also invite. This is the list of users and groups that are already remembered in your account.

The displayed text in the subject field is the default invitation email text, but you can use the subject and message field to customize it.

Finally, click on the “Send invitation” button to send the email invitations. Now if you click on the “reviewers” link under the prototype’s name, you can access the current reviewers page, which shows a list of the current reviewers. Here you can resend the invitations and withdraw a reviewer’s permissions.

When you click on the prototype link in an invitation email, you will be taken to the prototype’s simulation page, which can be used to browse and review a prototype. 

At the top of the page, you will find the Prototype controls. You’ll need to switch the Comment mode ON to make comments to the prototype and OFF in order to navigate it.

When you switch on the Comment mode, the red “bubble” indicates the number of comments that have already been made to the prototype.

If you want to see a comment, click on any green circle within the prototype that contains a number. If the corresponding comment is not in the current screen, the prototype will navigate to the appropriate one.

When you open an existing comment, you will be able to see who added it and at what time and date. You can also reply to a comment. If you are the comment’s author, you may edit or delete it as well. 

In order to comment on a prototype, just click anywhere within the prototype display. The comment dialog box will pop up. You will then be able to write a comment as well as attach a file. Click ‘Add’ to save the comments.

Public links allow a run through of the prototype without commenting capabilities. To gain access and distribute the URL, first switch the prototype to public and select the actions menu to choose ‘get link’. The link can then be given to any number of individuals using the method of your choice.

In the event additional security is needed, you may elect to set a password for heightened access control.


  1. María

    June 25, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    I am testing a mobile prototype using the Just in MInd app and also opening the prototype public url in my mobile, but I can´t see the interactive areas highlighted anyway … How can I active this for my public prototype?

    • Lidia Rodriguez

      July 3, 2015 at 9:51 am

      Hi Maria, this option is not available when a prototype is public, because it doesn’t have the top menu bar.