How to make calculations

This article teaches you how to calculate numbers with math expressions.

Here’s how you build it:


  • Place three “Text” on the canvas, one next to the other, and write “Item 1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3”.
  • Select an “Input text field” from the “Interactive input fields” section, place one next to each text “Item”.
  • After the “Input text field” and before “Item 2” place a “Text” and write “+”, do the same for “Item3”.
  • Next to the last input text place a text and write “=” and then a second text and write “Total”.
  • Next to “Total” place an “Input text field” and go to the Properties palette; change the “Type” to “Number” and the “Value” to “0”.
  • To finish, add a “Button” below (we will use it to do the calculations).Math-exp


With the button selected, go to the Events palette and click “Add event”.Math-exp

  1. In the dialog box, click on “Choose Trigger”, hover over the “Mouse” section, and select “on Click”.
  2. In “Choose Action,” select “Set value to an element” and click on the Input text field “0”.
  3. Select the “Calculated” radio button for the value and click “Add expression”.Math-exp
  4. Drag the first input text to the first value of the expression builder, then add the function “+” in the next value, drag the second input text and next add the function “+” again, and finally drag the last input text field to the remaining value. Click “Ok” and “Ok” to finish creating your event.

Simulate your prototype.