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How to add comments to your prototypes

Add comments to your prototype screens and components in a click with Justinmind.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to write notes and observations directly on the prototype’s screens and on its components.

To add a comment or a note on one of the components, just right click on the component and choose “New comment”. To add a comment on a screen is just as simple: right click on the screen in the list and click on “New comment”.

In the comment tab (1), you’ll find everything you need to organize, search and filter all the comments done on your wireframes and prototypes.

You can access the comments from the User Interface too: at the bottom of the screen, next to the Event tab, you’ll find the Comment tab (2). Here you’ll see the comments on the screen you’re currently working on, but you can also see the comments on the entire prototype.

Comments tab in Justinmind prototyping tool

The comment tab contains the following elements:

How to add comments to your prototypes

1) Tool bar

Comments toolbar in Justinmind Prototyping tool

  • New comment (a): opens a dialog to create a new comment. That comment is not linked with any screen or scenario.
  • Refresh comments (b): synchronizes the current comments with the ones introduced online

2) Search comments: searches among all the comments in the prototype

3) Comments: lists all the comments of the prototype

4) Options

  • Reply: creates a comment as a reply to the selected comment in the list
  • Modify: edits the selected comment details in the list
  • Show component: displays either the screen component or the scenario which this comment is linked with.
  • Create Requirement: creates a new requirement
  • Change category: changes the color category of the selected comment (Edit legend: configures the categories colors and their labels)
  • Delete: deletes the selected comments in the list. Note that you can delete more than one comment at one.

If you share your prototypes online, you can download all the comments made by your reviewers and import them to Justinmind, so you can keep on editing and improving your prototype.

Use the menu option Share > Refresh comments to upload new comments in your published prototypes, and have them automatically linked to the relevant components.

After clicking on ‘Refresh comments“, follow the next steps:

  1. Select what to do if imported comments have the same ID as the comments you have in the current prototype: ‘replace comments’ or ‘add as new’ (copy).Import new comment to prototype. Replace or add new one.


  1. Select a category for all the imported comments if needed and press ‘OK’.

Excellent! You finished the fourth section of the Beginner Course! Just one more to go!

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