Mobile app prototyping

Design life-like app prototypes

Prototype iOS and Android apps faster

Jaw-dropping mobile gestures

Make use of a wide range of mobile gestures to design an app prototype that behaves just like the real deal. Rotate, swipe, scroll or pinch your way around the prototype design for a realistic experience.

App prototypes with transitions

Offer a truly exclusive experience with a sliding, flipping, turning or popping effect

App prototypes with effects

Any event can have a popping, fading, sliding, folding, dropping, bouncing effect – and many more

1500+ ui elements for iOS and Android prototyping

Don’t waste a single second when app prototyping – enjoy our handy collection of native UI elements. Discover buttons, menus bars, and icons that will fit perfectly in your prototype. Every single item can be resized and edited.

Prototyping iOS apps

Create iOS app prototypes in all their glory with all the native components you could possibly need

Prototyping android apps

Enjoy exhaustive Android components in full compliance with Material Design! Android app prototyping just got easier

Icons for app prototypes

All icons your prototype could possibly need to offer users the perfect interface

Testing app prototypes on real devices

Test prototypes on device

Simulate and experience your app prototype on a real device. With our mobile app, you can test your design on any phone or tablet: it will look, feel and behave just like a real mobile app.

iOS and Android emulators

Leave no stone unturned by testing your prototype on devices emulators while you are designing. With Android and iOS emulators, you can elevate your UI to reach usability excellence. Your app prototype, under constant improvement.

Prototype mobile apps that look and feel like the real deal

Your app prototype can behave exactly like the real thing, complete with intricate navigation, full visuals and interactions. Work with your favorite tools and bring your own UI components into the mix – the sky is the limit.

Create your own ui kits
Create your own UI kits

Bring in your own components or modify components from our UI kits for the ultimate mobile prototype.

Import from design tools to Justinmind
Import from design tools

Transfer visuals from Sketch or Photoshop into Justinmind: make it tangible and interactive.

App prototypes with conditional flows
Conditional flows

Design different experiences according to user interactions, such as specific navigation flows

jira and fts integration for app prototyping
JIRA and TFS integrations

Establish a truly Agile workflow by teaming up powerful app prototyping with Agile management tools.

Share and get feedback on app prototyping
Share and get feedback

A single click lets you publish your prototypes and invite all project stakeholders to give feedback early on.

Developer handoff for app prototyping
Design-development handoff

Your developers get practical information with a quick inspection of the app prototype. Lines of code, CSS, colors and distances – it’s all right there.

Design memorable app experiences

To deliver truly memorable experiences, you have to mind all the little details. With the right app prototyping tool, you can build your design just the way you want, with all those key details.

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