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From timeless Serifs to streamlined Sans-Serif fonts to leading-edge web fonts, what’s the best font choice for web and mobile app design? This week’s Justinmind survey awaits you!



“[Typography is] not necessarily just an issue of style. It actually affects the usability and understanding of the content on the web.” TypeThursday

With more and more emphasis on typography on the web and in our favorite apps, web fonts are coming at us left, right and center. But what’s the best font to get your message across and support your brand? Do you stick to old-school classic Serifs or ultramodern non-system fonts, like Google web fonts or custom fonts using the @font-face rule. We’re opening the floor to you, our wonderful readers, in this week’s survey. Whether it’s Roboto, San Francisco, Open Sans or Ubuntu, we want to know your take on the best font for web and mobile app design!

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Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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