PMs choose Justinmind as the best Collaboration tool

March 26, 2020
justinmind best collaboration tool award

Product managers crown Justinmind as Best Product for Internal Collaboration!

Justinmind is proud to share that this year, our prototyping tool won the Best Product for Internal Collaboration award! The award was offered by Products that Count, but the judges were you!

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Over 300,000 Product Managers participate in the platform, and it’s their voice that declared us the winner. Justinmind is both honored and humbled to receive the award, especially when it’s a direct result of popular voting!

Best Product for Collaboration: Justinmind

Products that Count separated the broad concept of “best product” into segments, one for each stage of the product development process. All the way from conceptualization, building and operating new products.

Product Managers have spoken: Justinmind is the best Internal Collaboration tool of the year!

Among those categories is the Best Product for Internal Collaboration. And Justinmind is very happy to share that our prototyping tool won the award!

best internal collaboration tool award 2020

There are many reasons why this is a thrilling moment for our entire team – like the recognition after all the hard work we put in. However, none of the other reasons could possibly live up to one single aspect of this award: the love from Product Managers.

justinmind best tool award

That’s right. Justinmind is the Best collaborative Tool in the market right now and we’re not the ones saying it. This wasn’t decided by some jury or a small group of people. Product managers from all over the world nominated Justinmind to participate – and their support won us the award.

Products that Count

Products that Count is a platform that is entirely dedicated to Product Managers. Think of it like a global network that is made by and for product managers – and quite the extensive network at that. It enjoys about 300,000 Product Managers from all over the world!

products that count award

The platform itself is a hallmark in the technological sector, offering product managers over 3,000 blog articles, more than 100 events every year and podcasts, videos and all sorts of juicy content. Products that Count has come a long way since being founded back in 2013. It’s grown to be a point of reference and a platform for constructive discussion on what makes a great product.

We bring the world’s leading product experts and product lovers together to celebrate innovation from the world’s best product talent and product-forward brands.

Why product managers love Justinmind: a collaborative prototyping tool

Justinmind has many different features and traits that can benefit designers, developers and product managers alike. Let’s take a brief tour of what features have the biggest impact on the life of product managers!

Communicate easily and work anywhere

Communicate with your team members and stakeholders easily, or simply share your prototype online! Everyone is welcome to leave comments inside specific screens and UI components so there’s no confusion – only progress. In fact, you can have whole chats and conversations within the prototype.

communication inside prototypes with collaboration tool

Remote co-editing prototypes

Having several people working on the same thing, at the same time is a road to efficiency. Remote co-editing prototypes can make a huge impact, and Justinmind helps you make that a reality! Product managers can add and manage prototyping users, either one by one or in bulk from a spreadsheet. Managers can then create groups of users that enjoy different levels of authority.

Once everyone is in the prototype, changes can be made simultaneously with shared prototypes. Each user can lock individual UI components or entire screens, which allows them to work on it while the team works the rest of the prototype.

Product managers have full power to see who has what element locked, as well as unlocking all elements at once if need be. Freedom to design doesn't come at the cost of control!

Design handoff without breaking a sweat

With Justinmind, you’re able to pass the torch on to your developers without any worries over consistency or communication. Justinmind’s design-developer handoff features help developers to inspect the prototype and have access to every asset in your prototype.

Justinmind wins award of best collaboration tool

The wrap up: remote collaboration doesn't have to be difficult

We all know the struggle of working alongside people who are located in different areas. Large teams can be spread all around the world, and stakeholders can move around – making face-to-face collaboration challenging. That’s why this award means so much to us.

Justinmind fought hard to create a product that actually makes a difference. A product that helps users get the most from the effort they put in, even in challenging situations.

We’re all grateful to you for not only nominating us for the Best Internal Collaboration Tool award, but also declaring us the winner! We’ll hold up this trophy proudly, as a sign that Justinmind is doing its job right. You only need to worry about being creative and pushing the limits of innovation with your team. We got the rest.

Rebeka Costa
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