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March 26, 2020
How to share prototypes remotely with Justinmind

Need to work and collaborate remotely? No problem! Justinmind lets you share your prototypes with your team like you were in the same room

Working remotely, or have colleagues and stakeholders in other parts of the country or across the world? Or maybe you’re all working at different times?

Share prototypes and collaborate in Justinmind!
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Fear not – Justinmind loves online collaboration and is here to bridge the gap! Remote teamwork no longer has to feel like communicating via tin can and string.

Why Justinmind for online collaboration?

Our tool provides you with the perfect workspace for instant, collaborative iteration, without even having to leave your chair, never mind your office – or house! Justinmind lets you share your prototypes online, add reviewers who can leave comments and invite new users to make shared changes.

Share prototypes remotely - get feedback from users

Read on to find out how to boost your collaborative prototyping today to design awesome website prototypes!

Share your prototype online instantly

In Justinmind you can enjoy an instant collaboration experience. How? It’s as simple as launching the tool and opening a new prototype. Simply click on the Share button in the Justinmind editor and you’ll immediately be able to share your shiny new prototype online.

A popup window will launch and ask you which account you want to publish the prototype to. Select the email associated with your account, click Next and the magic begins – you’ ll see your website in all its glory in a web browser. Alternatively, if you wish to share a web app for a mobile device, the Share button will change to View on device.

Share prototypes remotely - collaborate online

Now all that’s left to do is add your buddies. You can add whoever you want just by using their email and inviting them to review your prototype. The best part? They don’t even have to be Justinmind users!

After you invite a reviewer to your prototype, they’ll instantly get an email with a link inviting them to collaborate.

Learn more about sharing your prototype to get feedback in our Help Center.

Adding and managing reviewers

Add reviewers for your prototype at any time and stage – you decide! Just head over to the Collaborators tab on your online account and click the Reviewers sub-tab to add more. Want to remove a user? No problem. Just go back to the Reviewer sub-tab, click the dropdown next to their name and click remove from account.

See our Help Center for more tips on adding and managing reviewers.

However, let’s say you want more people to join the party – many more. No problem! You can add lists of reviewers in bulk to your shared online prototype by importing a .csv (comma separated value) file.

Share prototypes remotely - add reviewers

The more the merrier: add reviewers in bulk

How do you get a .csv file? Just open up any blank Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet and enter in people’s names, surnames and email addresses into separate columns. When you’re done, save it as an .csv file and import it into Justinmind.

Once Justinmind uploads your file, you’ll see all your users in the Reviewer tab with the appropriate details. Now you’re set!

For more advice on how to set up a .csv file to import to Justinmind, see how it’s done in our Help Center!

Want to have different groups of users? No sweat. Under Reviewer Groups in the Collaborators tab, simply add a new group and pick whatever name you want. Now you’re free to add as many reviewers as you want to this group.

Public and private sharing

You don’t have to worry for one second about security in Justinmind. The only people who’ll have access to the online prototypes you share are the users and reviewers you invite to collaborate.

Share your prototype publicly

However, you can choose to create a public link for your prototype which you can change back to private any time you wish. Beside your prototype in the project’s homepage of your online account, you’ll see a toggle button that lets you switch it from private to public. It’s as simple as that.

Share prototypes remotely - get a public link

If you make your prototype public, you’ll be able to get a URL to share it with anyone. Just click get link under the prototype and share. Anyone with the link can then view your prototype in their browser. However, note that if your prototype is password protected, whoever has the link will need the password to view it.

Password protect your prototypes

For the best security, we recommend password protecting your shared prototype! You can choose to do this at any stage. All you have to do is go to the prototype in your online account and click on Password Protect.

Any reviewers or users that click on a link to your prototype from an email or URL will then have to enter the password that you choose before viewing your design.

Let reviewers comment on your prototypes

Feedback is vital to the collaborative prototyping process. In Justinmind, both you and your users and reviewers are free to add comments to the various elements of your website prototype. On top of that, you and anyone else who comments can also choose to upload supporting documents and images that others can download.

Want to know how to do it? Just toggle the comments switch to the top right of the prototype in your online account. Here you’ll be able to switch comments on to review your shared prototype.

Share prototypes remotely - toggle comments on/off

Then, choose any element on any page of the prototype and add a comment so that your reviewers will be able to see it. Something a bit off about that footer? Is the logo in the wrong place? Does that font creep you out? Leave a comment and let everybody know!

For more information on how to add comments and communicate with collaborators in Justinmind, visit our Help Center.

Additionally, any other users you assign to edit your prototype with the desktop version of Justinmind will be able to leave comments directly in the prototyping tool itself as they work.

Lastly, whether you and your users leave comments in the Justinmind prototyping tool or online doesn’t matter. Your comments will always be synched between the tool and the online version.

Iterate and reshare

Wait! See something out of place? Need to make a change? Did you get some unfavorable feedback on a dodgy menu button? No worries. You can easily edit and reshare your published prototype!

Go back into the editor on your desktop, make whatever changes you need and you’ll see the Share button transform into a Reshare button. Click and rename your prototype e.g. “awesome_protoytpe_iteration_2” and you and your reviewers will instantly be able to see any changes.

The wrap up - leave no one behind

Let’s face it. Communicating and working in teams remotely can be a hassle at the best of times. The good thing is, it doesn’t need to be anymore. At least not as far as website prototyping is concerned.

Justinmind gives you full control to manage your prototype and your team remotely. You’re free to add users and collaborators till your heart’s content. Work alongside users, and get feedback from collaborators online and in real-time.

Create as many iterations as you need to with your colleagues, without so much as looking up from your screen!

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