Remote co-editing prototypes

March 24, 2020
remote co-editing prototypes with justinmind

Justinmind has collaborative features that remove the stress and confusion from remote work. Check out how it can boost your workflow!

Working remotely can be messy and stressful. There’s more pressure put on the communication and organization skills of the entire team, with workloads usually suffering from the uncertainty of it all. But fear not!

Effortlessly prototype interactive designs with your team with Justinmind
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Stop worrying about getting the right material to the right people, stop taking notes on what platform each part of your team uses to complete and share their work. With Justinmind’s prototyping tool, all those variables and dangers are put to rest. Here’s how.

Create and manage prototyping users

With Justinmind, you and your team can collaborate on the same prototype from home without breaking a sweat. Bring people in by creating new users, all of whom can design entirely new prototypes or simply edit existing ones. Check out how you can add more people to your team in our Help Center’s post: adding and managing prototyping users.

If you have a large team, don’t worry about having to add each person individually. Justinmind helps you do it all at once by importing users from a .csv file! Your list of users only needs the names, last names and the email addresses of your users. In the spreadsheet, you can also provide a password for each new user, but that is entirely optional.

create and manage prototyping users in justinmind

Justinmind takes User Management seriously. That’s part of why our tool lets you create different user groups. This makes it easier to define different teams and grant different levels of authority to each group. This opens the door to define different sets of expertise within your team, such as a user group for your developers, or a business analyst group.

Each time you add a new user, you'll the offered the option of placing that user in one of the user groups you have in your account.

Co-editing prototypes

Right. Getting the entire team in the same tool is only part of the remote collaboration dance. Ideally, you don’t want people to just have access to the same things – you also want them to be able to work on the same project simultaneously.

In the prototyping game, that’s one of the things that makes Justinmind shine bright. Our tool helps you and your team get work done remotely, by allowing everyone to work on the same prototype if need be. You gotta do what you gotta do, right? That’s why Justinmind prides itself in offering shared prototypes.

co-editing prototypes in justinmind

In the Teamwork tab inside the tool, you can either open or create a shared prototype. If opening an existing shared prototype, you’ll simply have to choose which one in the popup window. It’s as simple as that! Sharing a prototype with other users is just as simple: simply click on share prototype and select which users you want to share it with.

See all the details and how-tos on our Help Center: operations for a shared prototype.

But once everyone in your team has access to the prototype, how can everyone edit it at once?

This is done by Locking the screen or individual component you’re working on. That means you are free to change the design as you see fit, while everyone else in your team can work on another aspect of the same prototype.

locking and unlocking elements in justinmind prototypes

Justinmind looks after the management of all the changes being made, so that there is absolutely no loss of control. This translates to things like all users only being able to commit, unlock or discard changes they made themselves. In contrast, if you’re the owner of the prototype, you enjoy more power.

You can do all sorts of things, such as checking which elements or screens are locked in the entire prototype, as well who locked them. You can also simply choose to commit or upload all, so that all local changes made to the prototype are applied to the online prototype. Alternatively, you can also discard all the changes being made, or just unlock all locked elements!

Version History

We here at Justinmind understand that when you have multiple people changing things and working on the same prototype, there can be some confusion as to who did what and when. We understand that in that confusion, things can be overlooked, lost or things can be plain wrong.

version history of prototypes

That’s why our tool provides all users with a version history. Consider this a book on what revisions each user did to the prototype and when. Even more exciting is the fact that you can see each revision of the prototype – and use that version to create a new prototype with those characteristics.

An interesting detail: Users can leave comments when they commit changes, so these comments are also shown in the version history. All commit comments are shown with the history.

Working offline with team prototypes

Just because you don’t have internet connection, it doesn’t mean you can’t work on your prototype. Justinmind helps you make your prototyping abilities completely mobile, by opening the door to working offline with shared prototypes.

When you try to open your shared prototype, the Justinmind tool will alert of the lack of connectivity. You’ll be asked if you wish to continue to work offline. That’s when the magic starts.

working offline with team prototyping with justinmind

Justinmind makes a local copy of your prototype, which is offered to you when you’re offline. You may find that you have more than one copy of your prototype – these copies will all be listed on the popup that reveals itself once you click on Work Offline. Simply choose which one you want to work on.

Once you’re satisfied with your work on the prototype, you can save the changes. As soon as you have internet connection again, you can go ahead and commit the changes. This means Justinmind will apply the modifications of the local copy to the online prototype.

The wrap up: remote prototyping ain't so bad

Working remotely can be a pain – we know that to be true! But having the right tool at your disposal can make a world of difference. Justinmind sets out to be that tool, the one that helps you and your entire team to make the most of your effort and time.

Whether it be delegating tasks to other team members to speed up prototyping or implementing a developer review of the entire prototype – Justinmind makes it all possible. No matter how small or large your team is, our tool makes it a walk in the park to bring everyone in and make sure everyone stays on the same page.

Rebeka Costa
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