Learn how to prototype web and mobile apps

How to share your web and mobile prototypes

In this video you’ll find the details on how to share your web and mobile prototypes and how to work with your team simultaneously on a single prototype.

You’re all set to share and collaborate in real-time! You also might want to start your own prototype or take a look at the list of tutorials available.

Justinmind offers several options for sharing prototypes, which can be accessed through the application and online account.

1. Publishing your wireframes online

Publishing content to the linked Justinmind account is simple. Once changes have been saved, select the Share menu item to start the process. Once complete, the prototype will appear under the projects tab within your Justinmind online account.

Public links allow a run through of the prototype without commenting capabilities. To gain access and distribute the URL, first switch the prototype to public and select the actions menu to choose ‘get link’. The link can then be given to any number of individuals using the method of your choice.

If input is needed from peers, set the prototype to private and use the reviewers option to specify those invited. Each recipient will receive an email with a link to view and share feedback. In the event additional security is needed, you can set a password for heightened access control.

2. Collaborative prototyping using the teamwork features

When additional support is needed for collaborative efforts, Justinmind’s teamwork features allow the creation of shared prototypes. Shared prototypes, owned by the original distributor, give concurrent access to contributors in both online and offline settings. To create a shared prototype, navigate to the File menu to select new and shared prototype. Give access through the add/remove users option in the teamwork menu to begin working. Periodically, remember to commit changes and update the prototype to view the latest changes.

If the prototype design is needed to communicate style features, the included screens can be exported to images. Produced images can be distributed or used later for the framework of additional prototypes. Exporting can also produce HTML code, which can be used to embed and view prototypes from the web.



  1. María

    June 25, 2015 at 10:39 pm

    I am testing a mobile prototype using the Just in MInd app and also opening the prototype public url in my mobile, but I can´t see the interactive areas highlighted anyway … How can I active this for my public prototype?

    • Lidia Rodriguez

      July 3, 2015 at 9:51 am

      Hi Maria, this option is not available when a prototype is public, because it doesn’t have the top menu bar.