Web design inspiration: 10 pages to bookmark

where to find web design inspiration

Looking for some web design inspiration? We got a list of websites that have some of the best and unique designs in the world just for you!

Web design can feel like such a vast field. And yet… it can feel like it’s all been done before. A minimalist design with a hamburger menu? Surely you’re tired of going back to that again and again. And who can blame you? Designers are all artists at heart. They want to push boundaries and create brand new things.

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That’s why we put together this list of incredible collections of designs. These websites will make it clear that humans are deeply creative and can bring a new touch to old things, like ecommerce websites or how to make a visual stand out. Keep your favorite UI design tools at hand, cause these sources of web design inspiration are about to get your creative juices flowing!

Awesome web design inspiration sources to bookmark


This website has grown to be all but legendary in the web design community. It’s a point of reference when it comes to curating inspiring designs and gathering truly incredible work from around the world.

AWWWARDS is definitely a golden source of web design inspiration. They’ve gathered all sorts of web design, which can be easily explored using their collections. Rather you’re hunting from some fresh take on a navigation menu or some innovative and bold use of typography – you’ll find it all here.

It’s true that when looking for some awesome creative work, one could easily go to familiar places like Dribbble or Behance. However, the examples curated in AWWWARDS are on a whole other level.

2. Siteinspire

Siteinspire is another big name in the web design community. As the name suggests, this website is entirely dedicated to curating awesome website design inspiration. There’s a huge amount of websites and designs in there, each unique and bold in their own way.

One thing we love about this website is that all of this inspiration is so well categorized and organized. Going even a step further than AWWWARDS, Siteinspire allows you to search for just about anything using their tag system. Find web design inspiration according to the style, theme, or the platform of the designs.

This tag system makes it perfect for designers to hunt for that perfect design to get the creative juices flowing. Once could browse for hours and never run out of inspiring website designs!

3. Land-book

Land-book has a more simplistic design than some of the other sources of design inspiration on this list, it’s true. But this direct and no-nonsense approach to the website results in the ability to focus exclusively on the highlighted web designs. With a focus on web-based designs, this is a wonderful bookmark to have at hand.

land-book as source of web design inspiration

We like that despite the simple look and feel of Land-book, the website does offer a tag system that allows for easy discovery and exploration of the content. An interesting aspect of this website is that once you sign up, you can add websites to the list and all of the members of Land-book vote on which designs are best. It’s a great exercise in the community that brings people together.

4. Brutalist Websites

This source of web design inspiration isn’t for everyone. Brutalist websites are all about showcasing brutalist web design at its best, creating an array of completely unique creations.

Here’s why it’s not for everyone: brutalism is all about breaking the rules of visual design, intentionally creating something that looks raw and rough around the edges. It’s a trend that had its start in architecture and has since moved into web design. It’s a sort of response to delicate and pretty design which can, sometimes, feel a bit artificial or just not real. After all, real life is often rough around the edges, isn’t it?

brutalist websites as source of web design inspiration

If you do enjoy the brutalist take on web design, this website is for you. The designs that are on display are unique in their own way, but they do feel urban, young and very bold in their visuals. If you’re of the opinion that bad UI can have good UX, we invite you to discover Brutalist Websites.

5. 99 Designs

99 Designs is widely known as a design service, helping to connect people with professionals in the industry. A slightly lesser known fact is that it also brings some serious web design inspiration to the table.

While some other sources of inspiration on this list focus mostly on website design around the world, 99 Designs goes further and broader. You could find just about anything here, from interesting logos, unique menu designs to awesome album covers and cool infographics.

99 designs as source of web design inspiration

There’s a huge margin of what aspects of web design are found in the website, which makes it a great resource for designers. We like that there’s a tag system so that designers can explore any shape or form of design, which allows for both specific searches and broad discovery of new horizons.

6. Designspiration

Designspiration takes web design inspiration to a whole new level. Designers can discover and explore just about anything in the realm of design. There’s something for everyone, from web design, photography or package design.

designspiration as source for web design ideas

This is a true jack-of-all-trades when it comes to design inspiration. You can sign up and use the website to create mood boards and gather all your inspirational source material in one place. Like Pinterest, but better suited for those of us in the design community.

It’s true that the content could be better organized, like some of the other sources of web design inspiration on this list. However, there’s something to be said about the experience of exploring the website in an organic way. It’s effortless and fun, making the website a wonderful way to relax while also getting some awesome inspiration.

7. Webdesign Inspiration

Another wonderful resource for designers to bookmark: Webdesign Inspiration. We love that the content here is top quality, and the navigation system makes exploring the content so much fun.

Like some other websites on this list, we have a tag system. Unlike some websites on this list, the tag system is very comprehensive and detailed. This allows you to go right to what matters, seeking your heart’s desire. You can look for a style, an industry, a type of website or even a primary color! An endless flow of pink website designs? Yes, please!

webdesign inspiration as source of ideas

We love how practical the website is. There’s a huge amount of content and it’s all perfectly easy to find. What’s not to love?

8. Best Website Gallery

Best Website Gallery is another website full of design inspiration that is wonderfully easy to explore and discover. Created back in 2008 by David Hellmann, it was meant to be his own personal visual bookmark collection. Today, it’s grown to be just that for a lot of designers around the world.

best web design inspiration gallery for ideas

The website itself has a fun UI, giving off a casual and fun vibe. There’s plenty of tags to filter through the results, from colors, style to the framework of the website. It’s very diverse, so you can expect to find a little bit of everything. One thing holds true for them all though: the quality of the web design is tip-top.

9. Admire the Web

Admire the Web should not be overlooked when we’re discussing sources of web design inspiration. This website design in itself isn’t as polished or controlled as some of the others, but it still delivers a great experience. Finding relevant content is easy with a dual system of categories and tags. 

admire the web as place for web design inspiration

One peculiar thing about this website is that the curated web designs are all framed by a light pink color. While that definitely creates a certain visual identity for the website, it does compete a bit with the actual designs. This is the kind of thing that can be a little distracting, but if you can get past that to focus on the designs themselves, this can be a wonderful resource to have at hand.

10. Commerce Cream

Ecommerce websites are a huge part of the web design business, let’s face it. The internet is all about getting items to people in a convenient and enjoyable way, with designers playing a huge role in making that happen.

When discussing ecommerce, there’s little need to introduce Shopify. It’s a huge platform that holds thousands of online stores, with web designers creating wonderful experiences for people all over the world. That’s why we love Commerce Cream. It’s all about beautiful and unique web design that is persuasive and convincing.

ecommerce cream as place for web design inspiration

It’s true that the navigation options are a little limited here, but perhaps that’s not such a big issue. This website is about showcasing how web design can sell ideas, things and feelings. And it does that brilliantly!

The wrap up on web design inspiration

Getting the creativity going isn’t always easy. Sometimes it can feel like everything has been done already and new ideas simply refuse to come to fruition. If it seems like every little web design you see is the same old, same old… give these websites a chance. Honestly.

For us here at Justinmind, these wonderful websites that are all about web design inspiration are doing a public service. They show us that despite the huge amount of work that’s been done, there’s no real limits to human creativity. There’s always a margin to make something feel unique and special and these websites capture that like nothing else.

Allow yourself to be transported to outer worlds and see how these designers made magic out of business – and your ideas will soon start to compete with what you see. When it comes to web design, the only real limit is our imagination.

Rebeka Costa
In-house SEO manager, usability enthusiast and patron of all sleep-deprived designers