Tools to design UX and interactions you can test early

Design usable products and boost user adoption


Advanced interaction design for web and mobile apps

Design complete interactions in your digital solutions as if they were already finished, without touching a single line of code.

Interactions and gestures

Get maximum benefit from the dozens of interactions and mobile gestures available.

Animations and transitions

Enjoy a wide range of animations and transitions, create engaging products.

Conditions and sequences

Add conditions and sequences of actions in your interactions.

Test UX assumptions early on real users

Validate your design assumptions with real users thanks to our web and mobile device emulators. Justinmind is also fully integrated with your favorite user testing tools. Test early, communicate better and launch the right product!

UX design tools for design cycle from wireframes to prototypes

From wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes

Design the entire lifecycle, from the initial conceptualization and information architecture, to all user flows, interactions and the user interface assets.

Design the user experience for data-driven products

Design the user experience, including data-entry forms and the visualization of data – without creating any code. You can even load real data in the prototype in order to conduct better user testing.

Collaboration features you’ll love

UX design tool for sharing and getting comments and feedback
Share and get comments

Send your project to reviewers in a click for quick feedback.

UX design tool for developer handoff
Developers handoff

Developers can inspect CSS, colors and measurements along with all the UI assets.

ux design tool for multi user edition and collaboration
Multi-user edition

Have multiple users working on the same project at the same time without any friction.