The Sitemap module

In the Sitemap module, you’ll find a list of the screens in your prototype. The module gives you a birds-eye view of the prototype’s hierarchy. The map is created automatically as you build your prototype.

To view the sitemap, simply select the Sitemap module in the top right corner of Justinmind’s editor.

The Sitemap module overview

the sitemap module overview

  1. Properties – modify how your sitemap is displayed here
  2. Navigation Map – the Navigation Map displays the sitemap of your prototype’s screens. The Home screen is the root of the Navigation Map and there is a node for every other screen that can be accessed from this screen.

    Select a node to be taken to the corresponding screen and double click on the node to edit the screen in the User Interface module.
  3. Copy to clipboard – generates an image of the Navigation Map and copies it to the clipboard
  4. Save as image – generates an image of the Navigation Map and enables you to save it as an image file. Choose a location to save the image from your folders.
  5. Screens – lists your prototype’s screens (as in the User Interface module)

Sitemap properties explained

sitemap properties

  1. Horizontal/Vertical – select the orientation of your screen
  2. Horizontal/Vertical spacing – change the horizontal/vertical spacing between screens in your sitemap
  3. Compress – switch on to compress linked screens within a screen in your sitemap
  4. Tooltips – switch on to include tooltips in your sitemap
  5. Selected item – select display of selected prototype component
  6. Expand/Collapse – select to expand or collapse linked screens within a screen in your sitemap