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Password protect a shared prototype

To set up a password for a prototype click on the “Password protect” button located in the prototype area in the prototypes page.

Password-protect a shared prototype

You will see the following pop up: 

 Set password to protect your shared prototype

1. Enter a password for the prototype and repeat it in the following field below

2. Click on “Show password” to show your password in clear text

3. Click the button “Set password”


Once you have set a password for a prototype, only the reviewers in possession of that password will be able to access the prototype. The password protection applies to public links and integrations with usability testing tools as well.

Keep in mind that the publishers of your account can always access the prototypes even when they are password protected.

Justinmind won’t send this password by any means so you will be responsible for communicating it to the people you want the prototype reviewed by.

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