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Online Services: the basics

When you sign up in Justinmind, an online account is created. In this tutorial section, we will explore the online platform you will use and all the options you have to publish, share and have your prototypes reviewed online.

Before going ahead, here’s a short glossary to understand the basic concepts and make the most of your online services account.

When you register with Justinmind, you create an online account. This account and the billing details are tied to the user who registered (account owner). Within your account, you will find your projects and prototypes, and you will be able to see which users have access to the account’s projects and prototypes.

Account owner
Is the user that registered the account. It’s the only user who can see and change the payment settings.

Account status
Pro accounts are limited to 300 MB per user or licence. Free accounts are limited to 10 MB. The space used includes the .vp files that the users of the account have uploaded plus the space used by the shared prototypes.

Archived project
Prototypes stored in the online account that are not published.

Is a group of users. You can assign permissions to a group in the same way that you assign permissions to a single user.

The personal settings of a user: Name, Email, Time zone and Language. A user can see and modify their profile by clicking on their name in the top right-hand corner of any online account page.

Projects are the organization units inside an online account. They act as prototype containers.

Prototype integrated with usability testing tools
A prototype that is published not to be reviewed but to be tested with external usability testing tools.

Public link
A URL that allows access and viewing states of a prototype anonymously.

A publisher of an account is a user with the same rights as the account owner with the exception of the billing details and settings. The billing details and settings are only accessible to the account owner.

A user who can access one or more prototypes to review and comment on them but who hasn’t necessarily got an online account with Justinmind.

Shared prototype
A prototype that can be commented on by reviewers.

An account owner, publisher or reviewer of a Justinmind prototype(s).

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