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Online Services: Account Settings

As explained, when you sign up to Justinmind, an online account is created. This can be used to store your published prototypes, share them, and have them reviewed by colleagues and clients.

When you first open the Justinmind editor, you need to sign in to your account by clicking on the top right-hand corner of the canvas. You can change your online account preferences in Justinmind Menu>Preferences>Justinmind account, including your account e-mail address and your password.

Justinmind Prototyping tool: how to access your online account

Pro accounts are limited to 300 MB per user or license. Free accounts are limited to 10 MB. The space used includes the .vp files that the users of the account have uploaded plus the space used by the shared prototypes. You can check your account status on the right-hand side of your account settings page.prototyping-tool-online-account-settings-status

The account settings page can only be accessed by the account owner, and it is mainly used to manage the billing details of an account. It also allows to manage the branding of the account. To access your online account, you can either go to the Share menu and select “Manage published prototypes“, or go to the top right corner and click on “Edit account settings“. Below is an example of how it will look:
Justinmind prototyping tool: online account settings page

1) Upcoming payment details (only subscribers will see this area):
If your account is a subscription, on the top of the page you will see the next payment due date and the last four digits of your credit card.

2) Prototyper key:
The key required to activate your Justinmind PRO copy or copies.

3) Subscription information:
Shows you the type of subscription you have and how you can upgrade it.

4) Invoices and billing information:
Billing information link (only subscribers will see this link): click this link to see or modify your account billing information. This information includes the name and email address of the person the invoices are sent to.

List of invoices: all the invoices sent to date are listed here. The billing entries, amount and date are displayed for each invoice. If you want to see or print an invoice just click on it and it will open in a new tab on your browser.

5) Account owner:
You can transfer the ownership and access to this page to a different user if needed.

Drop-down list of publishers: this drop down lists all the publishers of your account

Transfer account ownership button: click this button to transfer the account ownership to the user selected in the publishers’ list.

6) Subscription actions (only subscribers will see this area):
This list is shown only if your account is a subscription. Here you will find options to change the payment credit card, change your billing information, or to cancel your subscription.

7) Branding actions (only available in PRO accounts):

Change account name: the account name is shown at the top of each page. This link allows you to name your account after your company, for instance.

Change logo: use this link to upload a custom logo. Your logo will be displayed at the top of each online page, at the top of the prototypes comments area and on the emails sent to the reviewers of your prototypes.

Remove custom logo: use this link to remove your custom logo and go back to the default logo

Change custom color: use this link to change the header and footer color to a custom one. You can use this option to make the platform appearance match your custom logo colors, for instance.

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Account Management – FAQs


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