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How to import Real Data in your interactive prototypes

Justinmind allows you to import real data into your interactive prototypes, by populating Data Masters with data from .csv files. This is an important feature as stakeholders tend to get more involved in the review of a prototype if they see real data in it. In fact, with real data, business requirements easily come to light.

In this tutorial, we’ll have a look at how to fill your data-driven prototypes with records of an existing database.

You can open any of your Data Masters by right clicking on them in the Data Master tab and selecting the option ‘edit’. Then select the ‘View and edit records‘ tab.

Data-driven prototyping: import real data

Click the ‘Import’ button and a dialog will appear asking you to select a .csv file:

Data-driven prototyping: import real data from a .csv file

The only requirement for the file is that the first row contains the categories that match the names of the fields in the Data Master (the column order doesn’t matter).

You can select which character is used in your .csv file to separate the values (i.e. the field delimiter).

Finally, you can either replace the current records in the Data Master with the ones in the file, or add the ones in the file to the already existing ones in the Data Master.

Tip: You can export all the records in a Data Master to a .csv file in order to import them in other prototypes.

Being able to import from .csv comes in handy when you want to include a drop-down menu that displays a large amount of data, e.g. all the countries in the world. That drop-down menu will use a ‘country’ Data Master with a field. You just need to download a full list of countries in a .csv or excel file and fill the Data Master with that text.

Create a Data Master from a .CSV file

You can also create a new Data Master directly from a .csv file. You will find this option in the File > Import menu and also in the Data Masters panel.

Data-driven prototyping: import real data from a .csv file

When you click any of these options, the below dialog box will appear:

Data-driven prototyping: import real data from a .csv file

Fill in the name of the Data Master and select the .csv file with the data that will be used to create the attributes and the records of the new Data Master.

The first row of the .csv file must contain the name of the Data Master attributes, as it happens in the ‘import records’ operation, as explained above. The remaining rows will be used to fill the records of the new Data Master.

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