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How to reshare or replace an already published prototype

After publishing prototype on your online account, reviewers can take a look at it and give you insightful feedback. You can then make some changes to the prototype accordingly. What next? You need to tell those reviewers to take a look at the edited prototype again. That’s where the Reshare option comes in handy!

“Reshare” is an option that can be found in the main menu ‘Share’, in the Justinmind editor. It’s activated only if you have previously shared the prototype you’re working on.

If you’re building a prototype for the web, you can also reshare by using the button next to Simulate, in the editor’s top right-hand corner.

Reshare published prototype

With a “Reshare”, you can replace the previous version with the one you’re currently working on, with the latest batch of new changes in place.

If the reviewers access the prototype again, they will see this new version instead of the old one. The link remains the same but the prototype has changed.

You can notify the reviewers about this new version by selecting ‘Yes’ in the dialog pop up.

published prototypes-notify-reviewers

If you choose that option, once the prototype has been replaced in your online account, an email will be sent to all the reviewers notifying them about the new version of the prototype. You can also configure the contents of that email using the ‘About this version’ text area.

If you do not wish to notify the reviewers, you can still use the ‘About this version’ field for your own records.

In the Share menu, you’ll also find the “Replace published version” option.

Replace published prototype version

If you click it, you can select any prototype you’ve uploaded on the online account to be replaced by the one you’re currently working on.

Replace published prototype: check version

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