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How to invite reviewers to a shared prototype

To invite someone to review a prototype, click on the “Invite reviewers” button located under the prototype’s name in the prototypes page.

Prototyping collaboration: reviewers

This dialog box will pop up:

Collaboration in Prototyping tool: Invite reviewers

On top of it, you will see the name of the prototype. This name is always the same as the Justinmind Prototype file (.vp).

In the Email list field, you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to review this prototype.

On the right-hand side, you will find all the users and groups that you can also invite: this is a list of users and groups that are already saved (remembered) in your account, either because you’ve previously invited them to review prototypes or because you entered them in the users and groups page.

The displayed text in the Subject field is the default invitation email text but you can use the “Subject” and “Message” fields to customize it.

Finally, click on the Send invitations button to send the email invitations to the email addresses you’ve specified in the Email list and to all the users and groups you selected.

If you click on the “reviewers” link under the prototype’s name, you can access the “Current reviewers” page, which shows a list of the current reviewers of a prototype. Here you can resend the invitations (1) – for instance, if you mistyped an email address – and need to withdraw the reviewer user/group permissions (2), they won’t be able to see the prototype anymore if you click on this icon.


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