How to debug your Plugin’s code

When using the SDK for MS Windows you can debug your plugins without exporting them. Note that these steps are for Windows PCs only.

To debug your plug-in’s code:

  1. Go to the Eclipse SDK and go to the “Window” main menu options and “Preferences”.window-preferences
  2. In the dialog that appears, select “Plug-in Development”. Expand the “Plugin Development” node and select “Target platform” and then click the “Add” button.preferences-target-platform
  3. Click “Next”.target-definition-next
  4. Click “Add”.new-target-add
  5. Select “Directory” and then “Next”.directory-next
  6. Browse to select the folder where you installed Justinmind (typically c:\Program Files\Justinmind\Justinmind Prototyper x.x.x), click “OK”, and then “Finish”.location-browse
  7. Click “Finish”
  8. Select “New target” as the new Target Platform and click “OK”.new-target-active
  9. Now you have your SDK configured and ready. If you want to run or debug your plugin, simply right click on the project in the Package Explorer and select “Run as” and then “1 Eclipse Application” from the contextual menu. Justinmind will then run your