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How to Debug your Plugin’s Code

There is a way, if you are using the SDK for MS Windows, to debug your plugins without exporting them. Inside the SDK go to Window → Preferences and open the option ‘Plugin Development’. Select ‘Target platform’ and push the ‘add’ button. Then push ‘next’ and the ‘add’ button again. Select ‘directory’ and then ‘next’. Push ‘browse’ and select the folder where you installed Justinmind Prototyper (typically c:\Program Files\Justinmind\Justinmind Prototyper x.x.x) and then press ‘finish’. Press finish again and select ‘new target’ as the new Target Platform:


Finally press ‘ok’. Now you have your SDK configured and ready. Now if you want to run or debug your plugin you just have to right click on the project and select ‘Run as Eclipse Application’. Then your Justinmind Prototyper will be executed with your plugin already installed.