Collaboration with reviewers

Share your Justinmind prototypes with your colleagues, stakeholders, and key users so they can review your designs and give you feedback. You can share your prototype with an unlimited number of collaborators for free.

Sharing a prototype to get feedback from reviewers

To give access to your prototype to someone who is not a Justinmind user (a collaborator), you’ll need to share your prototype to your online account. There are two ways to do this, one from within the Justinmind desktop app and another from your online account.

Sharing your prototype from within the prototyping tool

To share your prototype from within Justinmind:

  1. Open Justinmind. Then, select the “Share” button in the top right-hand corner of the toolbar.share-button-1Alternatively, you can select “Share prototype” from the “File – Share with reviewers/developers” main menu option.
  2. From the dialog that appears, select the Justinmind account you wish to publish your prototype to (if your user is associated with more than one Justinmind account).
  3. Once you’ve selected an account, another dialog will appear. Here, you need to decide in which project you want to place your prototype: an existing project or a new one. Projects are just folders to group several publications in your account.Once you’ve selected/created a project, click “Share” to share your prototype to your online account/the online account you’ve selected.
  4. A final dialog will appear confirming that your prototype has been successfully uploaded and published (shared). Click “View in my account” to be taken to your shared prototype in your online account and start inviting reviewers to view your prototype.view in account modal
  5. You will be taken to your online account. From within the project folder, go to the prototype you want to invite reviewers to. Here you’ll find two options that will allow to you control who has reviewer access to your prototype:invite reviewers feedback
    1. Password protect your prototype – only those with the password you have given them will be able to access your prototype. To do so, click the “Password protect” button and create a password in the dialog that appears. Learn more about this here.
    2. Invite someone to review a prototype.
  6. After clicking the “Invite Reviewers” button, you’ll see the below dialog appear. Here, you can:invite reviewers dialog
    1. Invite reviewers from the users/reviewers already associated with your account
    2. Invite reviewers (who are not yet associated with your account) by entering their email address
    3. Write a message to reviewers, including any instructions
    4. Click “Send invitations” to invite reviewers

    The reviewer(s) will then receive an email containing a link to the prototype ready for review:reviewer email

    Back in the project folder, you’ll see a new link under your prototype’s name that reads “x reviewer(s)”. Click it to see which reviewers have access to this prototype.make reviewer a user

Sharing your prototype from your online account

creating reviewers contacts
To publish your prototype directly from your online account, sign into your online account and click the “Publish a new prototype” button in the Projects tab or the Prototypes tab.

In the dialog that appears, click “Select file” to choose a Justinmind prototype file from your folders, and then click “Publish prototype”.

Another dialog will appear, prompting you to invite reviewers to review your prototype.

Adding and managing reviewers

You can create reviewer profiles for any project in your online account, and invite those reviewers to view and interact with your prototype. Reviewer profiles are useful when looking for client feedback or during user testing.

Reviewers don’t have to be paying users with access to the Justinmind editor. You can simply invite them to view, interact with, and comment on the simulation of a prototype.

Creating a reviewer

To create a reviewer, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Collaborators tab in your online account. You will be prompted to log in if you are not already logged in.You’ll land on the Reviewers sub-tab by default.creating reviewers
  2. Select the “Create a new reviewer” button. Add the email, first and last name of the person you wish to add as a reviewer, and click “Create reviewer”.Repeat this step for each new reviewer you wish to create.creating reviewers contacts
Note: you can also create a reviewer by clicking the “Import reviewers from CSV” link to import reviewer info from a pre-defined list. Learn more about this here.

Creating a group of reviewers

  1. Go to the Reviewer Groups sub-tab on the right of the Reviewers sub-tab.creating groups reviewers
  2. Click the “New group” button and in the dialog that appears, give your group a name. Click “Create group” to apply changes.creating groups reviewers new

Adding a reviewer to a group

  1. In the Reviewer Groups sub-tab, go to the card of the group you wish to add reviewers to.
  2. In the bottom right-hand corner, select “Add/Remove reviewers” from the Actions drop-down.
  3. In the next screen, click the “Add reviewers to this group” button.
  4. In the dialog that appears, select the reviewers that you wish to add to this group. Click “Add” to apply changes.Back in the screen, you’ll find the cards of the reviewers you have added to this group.

Making a reviewer a prototyping user

If you want to enable a reviewer to edit your prototypes, you’ll need to make them a user. To do so:

  1. Go back to the Reviewers sub-tab of the Collaborators tab.Go to the card of the reviewer you want to make a user and select the “Make this reviewer a user” option from the Actions drop-down.making reviewers users
  2. A dialog will appear, confirming you want to make this reviewer a user. Click “Yes” to apply changes.current users accountYou will be taken to the User Management sub-tab of the Users tab. The reviewer converted to a user should appear in this list.user management tabYou’ll see that the number of Current Users under your Account Status on the right-hand side will increase. Note that only the Account Owner can make this change.current users account status

Removing a reviewer

To remove a reviewer’s access to your Justinmind account and prototypes:

  1. Go to the Reviewers sub-tab of the Collaborators tab.Go to the card of the reviewer you want to remove and select the “Remove from account” option from the Actions drop-down.remove from account
  2. A dialog will appear, confirming you want to remove this reviewer from your Justinmind account. Click “Remove” to apply changes.remove user confirm

Bulk importing reviewers from a .csv file

If you would like to add multiple reviewers to your account, you can import them from a .csv file to save time.

Before you get started

To add reviewers to your account, you’ll need:

  • The names and email addresses of the reviewers who you want to add to your account
  • A blank sheet in a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, saved as a comma separated value (.CSV) file

Importing user details from a .csv file

To prepare your file for importing, follow these steps:

  1. Open your blank worksheet in your spreadsheet program. The first row should read be as follows “Email”, “Name” (and “Last name” if desired, though not obligatory).bulk-importing-reviewers
  2. Add your contacts’ details into the relevant fields in the spreadsheet.Save/download the file in .csv format.bulk-importing-reviewers-save
  3. Go to the Reviewers sub-tab and click the “Import reviewers from CSV” text.Click the “Select file” button, choose your .csv file containing the user contact details and click the “Import reviewers” button.bulk-importing-reviewers-online-acountYour new reviewers should appear in the tab.

Resharing/republishing a shared prototype

Once you have upload and share a simulation with other users, you might want to update the prototype so that same people see the changes. Instead of sharing the prototype again as a new link, you can use the ‘Reshare’ option.

Resharing a shared prototype

If you’d like to update the prototype shared to your online account with new changes, you’ll need to reshare the prototype.

To do so, select “Reshare” from the “File – Share with reviewers/developers” main menu option. That is the same option that the ‘Share’ button in the toolbar will execute if the prototype you have already opened was previously shared. You can manually select what simulation in your account to replace using the option “File – Share with reviewers/developers – Replace published version”.
In the dialog that appears, you can write a description about the updates made to your prototype and choose whether to notify reviewers of the update:notify reviewers

Note: you do not need to resend the link to reviewers. The link remains the same though the prototype has been updated.

If you choose to notify reviewers of the update, they will be notified via email about the new version with the information you write in the “About this version” section of the above dialog.

Creating a public link for your shared prototypes

In addition to inviting reviewers, you can also create a public link of your prototype to share with anyone. Note that a public link will not contain the ability to comment or the screen navigation bar.

To create a public link for your prototype, switch the public/private toggle next to a shared prototype on. When the prototype is public, click “Get Link” to obtain the public link to send to others.

Password protecting a shared prototype

To set up a password for a prototype:

  1. Click on the “Password protect” button located under the name of the relevant prototype in the Prototypes tab.The following pop up will appear:password protecting
  2. Enter a password for the prototype and repeat it in the field below.
  3. Click the “Set password” button.

Once you have set a password for a prototype, only the reviewers with whom you have given the password to will be able to access the prototype. Password protection applies to public links and integrations with usability testing tools as well.

Keep in mind that the Account owner can always access the prototypes, even when they are password protected. Justinmind will never send this password to reviewers so you will need to add it to the email when inviting reviewers.

Adding comments to your prototype

You can add comments to your prototype’s screens and UI elements while in Justinmind’s editor. To add a comment to a UI element, right click on the element in the Canvas or Layers palette and select “New comment” from the menu.add comment
To add a comment to a screen: right click on the screen in the Screens palette and select “New comment” from the comment

Manage your prototypes comments

There are two ways to manage your prototype’s comments in Justinmind:

  • From the Canvas – at the bottom of the editor, you’ll find the Comments palette. Here you’ll see the comments related to the screen you’re currently working on
  • From the Comments module you can organize, search and filter all of your prototype’s commentsmanage comments

Retrieve reviewer comments (for shared prototypes)

To retrieve reviewer comments related to your shared prototype:

  1. Select the “File – Share with reviewers/developers – Refresh comments” option.This will upload any new comments and allow you to view them in Justinmind’s editor.
  2. In the dialog that appears, you’ll need to decide whether you want to replace or copy new comments that have the same ID. Once you’ve made your choice, click “OK”.import comments

Reviewing a shared prototype

If you have been given reviewer access to a Justinmind prototype, you will receive an email with a link in it. Click this link and you will be taken to a simulation window in your browser.

Here you can view and interact with the prototype. The simulation window has the following features:simulation window

  1. Name of prototype and current screen
  2. Switch to developers view
  3. Simulation mode
  4. Comment mode
  5. Open right panel – click to expand right panel, which displays all the prototype’s screens, scenarios and requirements
  6. Screens list – this is the list of the prototype’s screens. Click on a screen to navigate directly to it
  7. Click “Rotate” to change the orientation of the simulation from a landscape to portrait, and vice versa. Use the “Gestures” drop down to select which gesture you want to use (one finger, two finger pinch or two finger rotate). Select a zoom setting from the “Zoom” drop down to zoom in and out of the simulation window.

Comment mode

Commenting on a prototype in simulation:commenting prototype simulation

  1. When you switch the Comment, you will be able to comment on the prototype. The red callout icon indicates the number of comments made on the prototype.
  2. To view and comment, click on the Comments section. When there are comments, you will see the icon red and the number of existing comments.
  3. If you want to read a comment, click on a grey circle within the simulation window’s canvas. If the corresponding comment is not in the current screen the prototype will navigate to the corresponding one. When you open an existing comment, you will be able to see who added it and when.
  4. You can reply to a comment by clicking the “Reply” button at the bottom of the comment dialog.