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Account Management – FAQs

I have a license account but can’t log in to my account/it shows my account as expired. What can I do?

The account owner has to add you as a user in their online account. You will then receive an activation email and will be able to use your online account. Once you’re correctly added as a user, you will see a dropdown menu at the top of the page; click on it and switch to the valid account.

If you’re the account owner, check to see if there is a spelling issue in the email you’re using. If there are any issues, please contact Support.

I have a valid license, but it shows that there are no more activations left/ I see “Unexpected error: null”. What can I do?

Your issue is probably due to a permission problem. Normally, this happens when the app is not able to save the license file inside the license folder, which is located inside the apps’ installation folder.

To solve this, you should go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Justinmind\Justinmind Prototyper…\license and check if inside the folder there is a file called JustinmindPrototyper.lic . If you can’t find this folder, you will need to solve the permissions problem through your computer’s admin system.

If it’s not an issue with permissions, please contact Support.

When I try to lock my license, it shows that my computer isn’t connecting to the online server. What should I do?

If you’re working under a proxy connection, this might be blocking the Internet connection. If this is the case, you should configure the proxy settings in: “preferences\network configuration” or you can activate the license via the browser following the steps below:

  1. Unplug the ethernet cable or disconnect the Wifi.
  2. Try to activate the key.
  3. Justinmind’s Desktop app will show a popup containing a link to activate the key using a browser.
  4. Plug the ethernet cable or connect the Wifi again before clicking the link.
  5. Click the link and follow the instructions.

How can I transfer ownership from one account to another? How can I switch over to another email?

  1. Activate the account by clicking on the license activation link that was sent to your email address (if you haven’t done so yet).
  2. Log into the main account settings: https://www.justinmind.com/usernote/administerAccount.action
  3. Add the new owner as a publisher: go to the “users” section and create the user. Click on the publisher check box. The new user (in this case you) will receive an activation link to activate the account.
  4. Go to “Your account settings” and find the “Account Owner” section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select the new owner from the drop-down list and click on the “transfer the account ownership to this user” button.

I enjoyed my 30-day free trial and then I bought a Justinmind license. When I sign in, I get a pop up saying my account is blocked due to trial version having expired. What can I do?

Make sure you have selected the correct account from the drop-down list on your Justinmind cloud desktop. You will also need to make sure you’re using the same email that you used when registering, as well as the correct password.

If you’re using the same email address as with the trial version, you need to transfer the license ownership. See the above question for information on this.

The email account that was used during the purchase process is the owner of the account, and is the one that can add or delete users and transfer the ownership of the account to another active publisher.

How do I add a new publisher/grant publisher rights to a reviewer in my account?

To add a new publisher or to grant publisher rights to a reviewer, the account owner will need to go to the Users page and mark the option “make this user publisher”. If you have a Justinmind trial account, you will be able to use your expired trial account because it will be associated with the license.

I have a team member who is no longer with our company. How do I cancel him from our joint account? 

If you are the account owner you should delete the user from your account. Click on “users“, select the user you want to delete and then click “Remove user from this account“. If you’ve got access to the user’s computer, you should also deactivate the key from Justinmind by clicking on “Help” and “Unregister key” within the user interface.

We’ve been trying to work on a shared prototype, but the shared prototype is visible only to its creator and no one else can access it.

You should ask to the account owner to add the users from your account, selecting the option “Make this user a publisher“. Check out this tutorial to learn how to add / delete users when using our Teamwork features: https://www.justinmind.com/support/shared-prototypes-add-remove-users/

When the license expires, what happens to the prototypes that I made with the paid version?

Your prototypes will be accessible on our online servers for as long as you hold a license. 10 days after your license expires, your prototypes will be deleted from our servers. However, your prototypes stored locally on your computer will continue to function indefinitely.

I want to activate the license key on another computer but it won’t let me do it. What should I do?

All users can install and use Justinmind on a maximum of two computers at one time. If you want to activate the key on a third computer, you need to deactivate one of the two keys that you’ve already installed. To do so, go to your Justinmind and select “Unregister key” from the Help menu.

How do I change the credit card that will be used for my subscription?

The account owner can update the credit card following these steps:
1. Log in to Your account settings section.
2. Click the Change credit card link, change your credit card information and click the submit button.
At the next billing cycle the new card will be charged.

Where can I access my paid invoices?

Paid invoices can be found in Your account settings section.

How can I change billing information?

The account owner can update the billing information following these steps:
1. Log in to Your account settings section.
2. Click Change billing info under the ‘Subscription actions’ section. Change your billing information and click the submit button.

How can I add users to my subscription?

You can add users to your subscription on Your account settings section.