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Sketch plug-in integration with Justinmind

Justinmind's Sketch integration

Export your designs from Sketch to Justinmind and add interactions, effects and transitions down to the smallest detail. Then, watch your ideas come to life.
Download our Sketch plug-in and get ready to experience seamless synchronization with full design control.

Export Sketch UI assets to Justinmind
Export Sketch UI assets the way you want

Export all your project’s artboards at once, or just the boards you need. Each artboard converts automatically into a prototype screen in Justinmind. All artboard layers are fully editable in Justinmind. Even artboard texts can be modified. Yep, you read that right.

Add hi-fi interactions and transitions to designs
Add hi-fi interactions, effects and transitions

Take advantage of Justinmind’s features to add interactions, effects and transitions to your Sketch assets. You’ve got the market’s most powerful prototyping tool on your side. By combining Justinmind’s prototyping strength and Sketch’s design smarts, you’ll be able to rapidly build engaging prototypes for real users to test drive. Bring your designs to life right now!

Adobe integration with Justinmind

Powerful integration with Adobe Suite

Edit images in Illustrator or Photoshop and see those edits reflected instantly in your interactive prototypes. Make the changes you need, where you need them.

Import and export tasks between Justinmind and JIRA

Integrate JIRA in your prototyping process

Justinmind’s powerful JIRA integration means you can manage workflows, streamline information and break down silos.
Import and export tasks between Justinmind and Atlassian JIRA, sync all changes and consolidate requirements across platforms.

Associate requirements with screens and UI elements
Integrate prototyping into your agile projects

Associate textual requirements to screens and UI assets in your prototypes and convert them automatically to Jira issues, or import issues from Jira projects into Justinmind and link them to prototype elements.

Hi-fi prototype on laptop
Cloud or self-hosted. It's up to you

We know there’s no such thing as a typical Justinmind project. That’s why we offer users the add-on as Cloud or Self-Hosted. Whichever one you choose, the experience is identical – smooth, synchronized and awesome.

Justinmind JIRA add-on close-up image

Enrich the integration workflow with our add-on

Managing requirements between JIRA and Justinmind is simple. Our Jira integration is build natively in Justinmind, so you don’t even need to install anything to get started.
To make the most of the integration, download the free add-on from Atlassian’s marketplace.

Team Foundation Server interface with Justinmind requirements palette

Synchronize Microsoft TFS and Justinmind

Import work items from Microsoft TFS to Justinmind and associate work items to UI elements in your prototype.
Share prototypes with stakeholders so they can view requirements right there in the interface, or navigate to issues in TFS.

IBM Rational Doors requirements interface

Fine-grain requirements traceability with DOORS

Full traceability, seamless integration and powerful enterprise collaboration. Import IBM Rational DOORS requirements into Justinmind prototypes and start defining software fast.
Share prototypes with reviewers and have them visualize requirements right there in the prototype, or in DOORS.

Usability testing tool integrations

Easy, effective user testing thanks to Justinmind’s usability testing tool integrations. Share and simulate your prototypes with users, gather feedback and iterate faster, better.

testing tool logos integrated with justinmind