Simulator extremely slow for reviewers viewing the prototype

Jikku Ben shared this problem 8 months ago
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I have 2 projects. one with 60 screens and another with just 2 screens. I can simulate both projects on my PC without a problem (within Just in mind) but if I add any reviewer to my project (like my manager for example) every tap for him (in both projects) has atleast a 3-4 second delay. which has actually forced me to export the file to html and share it with them. Now, here's the process they have to follow just to see the prototype

1. Download the files

2. Unzip folders

3. Run index.html

4. install JIM extention

5. find browser settings

6. enable extention

7.provide access to URLS

8. open index.html again

This is excruciating and sadly, not at all professional.

Is there a way I can send a simple web link (like Invision does) to anyone who has access inorder to view it? Or is there any alternative ways I could share it with others?

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Yes, you can share your prototype to your online account and send them a public URL of the prototype.

You can learn how to share prototypes to your online account here:

And learn how to make them public here:


Hi Danielle, thanks for writing back. It worked well but sadly, it didn't solve the problem :( The public URL behaved just like the shared one with every screen having a delay of 3-4 seconds. It only helped to find me an alternate route to the same problem. Now I have one more problem to deal with.

I am a paid user and the prototyper behaving like this is very disheartening. Do we have any other solutions?


Thanks for the info. We are launching an update that will optimize simulation. Can you attach your prototype here so we can see if this optimization will help with your prototype? You can attach it in .zip format, or upload it to a file sharing service like Dropbox and link to it here.