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How to publish your prototypes in your online account

To upload and publish a new prototype in your online account, click the “Publish a new prototype” (1) button either from the projects page or the prototypes page.

Publish a prototype on your online account

Click on “Select file” (2) to choose a Justinmind prototype file from your file system (.vp format). It will be uploaded and published for reviewing.

Select a project from the drop down menu (3): a prototype will always be found in a project, and you must choose the prototype’s location before you can upload it. If you clicked the “Publish prototype” button from the page of a specific project then this project will be automatically selected.

If you want to upload the new prototype in a new project, you don’t need to leave this page. Simply click the “Create a project” link (4) and enter the new project’s name.

Click on the Publish prototype button (5) to upload and publish the prototype. If all information is correct, the publishing process will start and you will be redirected to the invite reviewers page.

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