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Problem with large data master

Solved Victor Conesa 10 years ago

I have imported a csv with ~1550 lines and 46kb size into a data master. Any actions performed on controls associated with this data master take ages to process eg trying to reposition a dropdown populated from it. I have truncated the csv to 200 lines and the problem has gone.

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A way to increase performance would be to split your prototype file into different prototypes. Also try increasing the memory used by Justinmind Prototyper. In order to do that change, go to your Justinmind installation folder and open the file 'JustinmindPrototyper.ini' with a text editor. Write 1024m next to the parameter -xmx, so it reads -xmx1024m (instead of -xmx512m).


Hi John, thanks for the reply, let me further clarify. My prototype is only 3 Mb and I have 6 Gb of ram so I don't think that physical memory is the issue here! The csv file as I pointed out originally is only 46 Kb. If it were a file size or memory issue then surely it would manifest itself upon adding large images.

I also noticed that JIM crashed several times when attempting to import csv's, something that other users have reported as an issue. Perhaps these issues are related?

I have changed my ini file as you suggested and tested the program and it is no better. Here is a video showing the issue after that change:



Reviving the topic: Is there a solution for this problem by now?

Working with smaller csv files has been smooth (trial version), but the attempt to load a larger file (more than 1,500 rows, though only 3 columns) into a Data Master has led to crashing of the whole program. The change in the file suggested above made no difference. Would this be any different with the full version?

Thanks in advance!


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