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Infinite height or infinite scrolling / sliding effect.

In Progress Marius Cornel Dragoiu 4 years ago

Hey there.

This is my first thread on the forums, so treat me like a newbie ( It's also the first prototype I'm building with JusInMind ).

My question is that there's a way in setting up from the beginning of a prototype an infinite height to the project or adding an infinite scroll effect to it.

Also, is there a way for adding in some slide effects between pages (up and down / left to the right or right to the left ).

Thanks a lot,

have a great proto day!

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Can you explain more what you mean by an infinite scroll effect in this case? If you mean making a longer scrolling page, you can increase the height of a screen by clicking on it in the Outline palette (click on the text with a monitor/phone icon next to it), and then look to the Properties palette. You can then increase the height of the screen. Read more about adding scrolling here.

As for adding an effect between pages - definitely. Just create a link - select the element on the Canvas you want to start the link, right-click and select 'Add Event'. There, select the screen you want to link to, and at the bottom, you can specify an effect. Read more about adding links here.

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