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How do I collaborate with an external user?

Answered Gianmarco Spiga 5 years ago

My organization works with a UX consultant on a contract basis. She uses JustInMind, and we like the ability of collaborating on designs. Ideally, we want to both be able to edit and comment on designs.

She has a Professional account of her own, and I would like to purchase one for myself, but I have some questions on how to go about that:

-Do I need to buy an account for myself AND a (extra) account for her?

-Which account should the designs reside in?

-Can I give people in my organization access for the sole purpose of viewing and commenting, and is this capability free or paid?

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You will need one account with two users so you can use Teamwork collaboration. Your two user account should contain any prototypes you create through Teamwork. Yes, you can share your prototype with others in your organization to view and comment on, and it's free to do so.

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