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This February, 38 cities around the globe will be celebrating the 4th edition of World Information Architecture Day.

 World IA Day is an annual one-day event that seeks to bring together Information Architecture enthusiasts and professionals to explore and discuss the future of IA and how we practice it. It is a free, volunteer organized and sponsor funded event that Justinmind is proud to sponsor.

This year’s global World IA Day theme is “Architecting Happiness”, because after all happy users is what drives the success of our products and/or services. Every talk happening in all 28 countries is going to focus on how to “create more happiness through design” and well-crafted information. It is a unique conversational and educational day to share experiences, discuss with like-minded people, and meet the experts or, simply network with your peers.

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Justinmind and IA

Like architectural blueprints, prototypes are visual guides that help us organize and structure information and the way we deliver it. The early prototyping of IA is certainly a good way to make sure our users will be getting what they need when they need it and, that value (what makes the user happy) is being created from the information we share.

Be a part of WIAD and share with us any research, experience or idea you have on Information Architecture and how we can do it better.

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