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Hi Justinminders!

Just a while ago we launched Prototyper Free, then took Usernote out of its Beta phase, and now… We are ready to announce that these and the rest of Justinmind services are going to be hosted in another home! Virtually speaking that is.

Yes, we are in a row and ready to introduce you our new web page. It is entirely done in HTML5 and organized in a way that will make it easier and faster for you to find what you are looking for in no time.

For instance, you can check out our hands-on wireframe examples where you´ll find all kind of prototypes for a wide range of sectors and platforms such as applications for iphones, web stores, facebook pages or bank websites.

Allow us to brag a little bit and at the same time find out who has already used and loved our Prototyper, visiting our customer’s list section and reading what they say about us.

And finally, have fun, don´t forget to visit the error page (this might be the only chance you get to see it)

We really hope you like it, because this is, after all, your home, virtually speaking, that is.

How to define, validate and review applications before starting to code are his thing. He is interested in everything related to web, mobile and desktop apps and how to prototype and simulate them before development starts. After hours he’s flexing his math muscles.