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This month’s best blog posts cover the UX design essentials: user personas, visual hierarchies, UI animation and standing out from the UX crowd...

This month’s best blog posts cover the UX design essentials: user personas, visual hierarchies, UI animation and standing out from the UX crowd…

Stop carving your pumpkins for a moment and take the time to get through this month’s best UX design content from the internet. This month has seen some awesome UX design content focused on important themes: visual hierarchy, engaging users with UI animation,  how to solve UX team problems and the lowdown on all things user personas. Let’s get into it.

Visual Hierarchy: Effective UI Content Organization from Tubik Studio

Alina Arhipova over at Tubik gives readers a run-down of the importance of hierarchy, particularly visual hierarchy. Information architecture means structuring UI elements on a page in the most effective way to please users. Without hierarchy, organization goes out the window and that’s when UX design can fail. And fail hard.

Thankfully, Arhipova breaks down the tricks UX designers can use to improve the hierarchy of their designs. Take for example the gestalt principles of design which include size, repetition, negative space and contrast. These principles can be applied to the user experience to boost usability.

Curious about using Gestalt in your next interactive prototype?

It isn’t just visual elements which can be placed into a hierarchy either; typography can be used in a hierarchical way to help users understand the importance of text as well as how to grab a user’s attention.

Time to read: 6 minutes

3 Smart Ways to Engage Users with Animation, from Webdesignerdepot

Animation is going through a bit of a fanfare of late in the UX design community. And rightfully so – animation can bring life to UX design and when used properly can boost brand awareness and put a smile on a user’s face – which is never a bad thing!

Nick Babich explains the different types of animation that are used in UX design today. From UI animation, storytelling all the way to encouraging user action. Who knew animation was so versatile?

Prototype your own UI animations and bring your UX design to life!

Animation is a tool that UX designers can use to their benefit and improve their designs. But Nick does express caution; too much animation and you can hinder the user experience. A little goes a long way so it’s best to avoid distracting your users with too much commotion.

Time to read: 4 minutes

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9 problems that UX teams face and how to solve them, from UX planet

Have you ever been in a meeting with the whole team and still you’re uncertain of who does what? Or maybe you do know what they do but only vaguely. “Oh, he’s a tech guy” or “She’s does coding stuff” might be something you’ve heard in your office.

Teams – even UX teams – face problems on the daily. UX designer Alana Brajdic goes through 9 problems that UX teams experience and gratefully offers up great solutions to those problems.

You work remotely? Alana suggests getting involved in a chat or organize team outings to solve that. You have a different way of working from the rest of your team? Great – create a manual to describe these differences to manifest consistency.

Time to read: 4 minutes

Making Yourself Stand Out in the UX Industry, from Medium

Fake it until you make it is a mantra espoused by life coaches the world over. But sometimes, leaving your comfort zone can have fruitful consequences.

Tif Wang has written a short yet helpful guide for budding UXers (or seasoned ones, for that matter) who want to stand out for all the right reasons. In an industry that’s getting more saturated as its popularity rises, Tif steers us all on how to get our foot in the door with 3 handy tips: doing stuff that isn’t design related, reaching out to your network and making sure your portfolio is at the top of its game.

Time to read: 5 minutes

What are & How to Create Personas: Step-by-Step Guidelines of Everything, from Medium

Personas! Essential in UX design, personas are a way to represent your users in a tangible, focused way. They help you understand better who you’re designing for and are a great visual aid.

Julie has created a step-by-step guide to using personas, including the benefits, their value and even their limitations.

Get the 411 on all things user personas.

UX designers need to understand the power of personas in the UX design process if they want to provide adequate solutions to design conundrums. And it isn’t rocket science thanks to this breakdown by Doris.

Time to read: 7 minutes



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