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Unmissable posts on wireframing, interactive prototyping, UX and product design from April's blogosphere

6 must-read posts on wireframing, interactive prototyping, UX and product design from April’s blogosphere

Interactive prototyping confessions, user survey best practices, UX predictions and UI tips – April’s interweb brought us some awesome posts to enjoy and learn from. Whether you’re in dire need of a design process spring clean or you’re wondering how to future-proof your UX career, these posts are bound to inspire you. Plus don’t forget to check out Justinmind’s latest post on Creative Bloq, 10 essential TED Talks for UX Designers!

The Six Essential Books that Every Product Manager Should Read

Product manager Rosemary King takes to Mind the Product to list 6 books that will help PMs stay “voraciously curious” about digital product management and design. While these absolutely positively must-read posts are always subjective, Rosemary works hard to make the case for each title she includes.

For example, in her summary of Alan Cooper’s ‘The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: Why High Tech Products are Driving us Crazy and How to Restore Sanity” she points out that Cooper was one of the first (but certainly not the last) to apply the term cognitive friction to product design.

She also points PMs towards great but lesser known resources such as Leah Buley’s ‘The User Experience Team of One: A Research and Design Survival Guide’.

The Essential Guide to Writing Effective Survey Questions

Designing a user survey is easy, right? Just Google it. Whoa there, says UXer Jennifer Lee Brown. In her UXBooth post on writing effective survey questions, Jennifer points out that Google will render more than 68,000,000 results for ‘survey best practices’.

So how can inexperienced user researchers ensure they’re getting user surveys right? The post presents some tried and true methods for eliciting actionable responses and data from users. Justinmind’s UXers loved the sections on talking ‘like a real person’ and using ratings effectively.

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The Web Looks Like Shit

Hanson O’Haver’s amazing post ‘The Web Looks Like Shit‘ pulls no punches. Hanson breaks down everything that’s crappy about our everyday online experiences, from auto-play banner ads to content that fails to load. Focusing the post on sites that are traffic or ad-revenue driven, the post examines why these sites so often deliver ‘crufty’ user experiences and makes the case for cleaning up the web.

While Hanson doesn’t offer any solutions to the problem, he does provide a heck of a lot of food for thought.

10 Ways to Create Great User Onboarding

We couldn’t resist sneaking this one in here – Justinmind‘s first post for WebDesignerDepot! In ‘10 Ways to Create Great User Onboarding‘, we focus on user onboarding and its role in ensuring product adoption and high engagement rates. By breaking down exactly what makes for good onboarding the post gets to the nub of onboarding best practices, and provides 10 examples of products that get onboarding right.

Use the post to get inspired to prototype your own onboarding experience with Justinmind!

Why I Prototype

Experience Designer Raveesh Bhalla asks all his clients the same question – “have you ever released a product that you were absolutely certain solves a major pain point, yet it didn’t resonate with users?” The answer is pretty much always affirmative, says Raveesh in ‘Why I Prototype‘.

Prototyping can help, particularly if it allows users to test-drive designs early on in the product design process. Laying bare his personal experiences of designing and building successful software, Raveesh explains the common benefits of application prototyping, such as failing forward and getting user feedback at crucial design points.

Where Will UX Design Be in 5 Years? 5 Predictions

Who doesn’t love a prediction post? UX/UI course provider Designlab do the honors this time, with their handful of predictions for what to expect in user experience in the coming years.

The post sets out with a solid examination on user experience past and present, right from Don Norman’s first prophetic words through to the so-called ‘solved problem’ of smartphone design. The post then casts its prophetic gaze towards the future: what impact will new technologies such as VR have on UX? Will new geographical markets open up and what will these new markets change?

The stand-out part of the post is the section on ‘qualities of tomorrow’s UX designers’ – read up on the skills and attributes you’ll need to take your career through the next 5 years.

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