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Follow these UX and UI Facebook groups to keep up to date with all things mobile and web design. Because Facebook isn’t (just) for stalking and procrastinating.

Facebook is, to put it mildly, a pretty big deal. With 1.5 billion users worldwide and quarterly earnings of over 5bn USD, the original social media platform is an absolute behemoth of online networking. For professionals seeking to improve their UX design process, this means instant access to a global community of fellow designers thanks to Facebook’s UX groups and pages. And what’s more, groups can help you network with potential clients if you’re looking to increase sales or brand recognition.

Groups and pages can be used slightly different for UX and UI professionals. Being a member of a UX group means you’re a lot more likely to see group posts and get notifications than you are from pages you like. And fellow groupies are likely to see anything you post too. Which means that getting involved in UX group debates or posting worthwhile UX/UI content (no spamming allowed) will raise your profile and that of your software or brand. And you can join up to 6000 groups! Although we wouldn’t recommend doing that if you want to have any time left in the day for actually doing UX stuff; 10-15 groups is fine.

Pages are more likely to be leveraged by existing publications or businesses trying to get their content out there. That’s not to say they’re not a great way to keep up to speed: following industry related pages means that you’ll stay current on UX design processes, UX best practices and UI design trends without having to search for information independently.

So Facebook UX groups and pages are useful for UX and UI professionals, but how do you cut through a homefeed full of cat pictures and exes to get to the stuff that will take your mobile and app design to the next level?

We’ve rounded up 7 UX groups that post regular, informed content about user experience, user interaction and app development. Create your own dedicated reading list and stay ahead of the UX/UI curve.

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Useful Usability

Associated with the website of the same name, Useful Usability aims to provide insightful usability content, plus tools and tips to improve ROI on websites and apps. With almost daily posts on topics such as usability testing tools, design patterns and future trends, Useful Usability is a great resource of curated UX/UI content from around the web

Interaction Design Association

Joining Interaction Design Association on Facebook gives you access to over 16,000 fellow design professionals who love to share. TED talks on software development, UX reading list recommendations and Dribbble page swaps make for a vibrant and thought-provoking online community.

UX Mastery

UX Mastery is an online training resource for user experience designers, and their Facebook page provides a great complement to their training resources. You can find Q&As with UX professionals, in-depth articles on finer points of UX, and reflections on psychology and UX.



The Justinmind Facebook page is where we publish our daily blog posts, announce competition winners and sometimes post backstage glimpses of how we work in the office. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with UX, UI news and our product updates. Give us a Like!

User Experience Professionals Association

If you’re looking for a group with a huge range of oft-posted content, then this is the one for you. User Experience Professionals Association has a homefeed replete with informal designer chat, posts on AI and atomic design, and industry event notifications. And with over 17,000 members, the group provides good networking opportunities.

UX Booth

The Facebook page of the eponymous online publication, UX Booth publishes content on all things related to user experience. With readers varying from UX newbies to experienced interaction designers, the page aims to provide a space to discuss best practices and trending topics. Basically, if you’re “interested in making the web a better place”, you’re welcome.

Easy UX

Easy UX is a great page to dip into when you’re on the hunt for bitesize UX or prototyping posts. Articles such as “8 Likely Questions in a UX Job Interview – Tips to Crack Them!” and “How to Develop a Positive Brand Experience” provide you with a daily dose of industry best practice, while maintaining a light-hearted and readable tone.

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