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Discover the best LinkedIn groups UX/UI practitioners should join to maximize their prototyping potential.


Here at Justinmind, we’re big fans of LinkedIn for boosting our prototyping and UX/UI knowledge. But as with all social networking, at times the volume of information can get overwhelming. Staying abreast of the latest trends and tools in web and mobile design can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself!

Of course, there’s a solution to this information overload – LinkedIn Groups.

Joining a LinkedIn group can give you access to tons of resources on UX/UI and prototyping, plus connections to industry figures, idea-swapping with a global community of fellow UX/UI professionals, curated content and up-to-the-minute industry news. And joining a LinkedIn group is a great way to build your own personal brand as a prototype or software designer while improving your design job prospects at the same time.

That said, there’s no avoiding the fact that LinkedIn groups can have a downside: they can be spammy, and some groups are only very lightly monitored, if at all. This means joining a group could potentially have the opposite of the desired effect on your feed, making it even more cluttered than before.

But fear not! We’ve put together a list of the best LinkedIn groups to join for UX/UI professionals and prototypers, based on the advice and experience of the Justinmind team.

User Experience Professionals Network

A place to share ideas and resources on everything from usability to user feedback to information architecture and visual design, UX Pro is the go-to choice if you’re looking for interaction with a large community of like-minded professionals. Comments and discussions are lively and informative, which sets UX Pro apart from the majority of groups on LinkedIn, in which posts receive garner little interaction. There are also job openings posted on a daily basis. UX Pro is a great place to get professional advice or feedback.

  •  49,758 members
  • Average 8 posts a day



Agile UX

Combining Agile Software Methodology with UX design methods, Agile UX as a discipline aims to bring together designers and developers for better product development. So perhaps unsurprisingly, this LinkedIn group has a remarkably efficient content brief. Curating trends in usability, user experience and agile development, examples of recent posts include “User Stories, Agile Practices” and “How The Economist makes UX work in agile”. The group isn’t enormous, which means it’s less targeted by marketing. This is a great group to join if you’re looking for helpful insights on improving your design team processes.

  • 13,958 members
  • Average 2 posts a day

User Experience

With over 100,000 members, User Experience is a mammoth group. Despite this seemingly unwieldy size, the group is incredibly well curated and monitored, with all good quality articles on information architecture, user experience, user interface design and relevant industry events welcome. Even better, the group organizes virtual conferences and webinars, so you can really take advantage of the virtual learning community. And with posts covering everything from SCRUM-inspired agile UX to “UX According to Larry David”, you’re sure to find inspiration daily.

  • 116,037 members
  • Average 5 posts a day

Wireframing and prototyping for web and mobile

Wireframing and prototyping for web and mobile is one of the only LinkedIn groups where prototyping and wireframing are the main event. Only recently established by us here at Justinmind, the group aims to fill that gap and encouraging open discussion and dialogue between members. The group is a great way to highlight trends in mobile and web wireframing, mockups and prototyping, as well as web design and UI/UX design. Help us grow the group and be part of our community – we’re small but aim to be mighty!

  • 103 members
  • Average 1 post a day



Designers Talk

Be aware – with over 150,000 members this group is huge. So when you join be prepared to have more articles popping up in your feed. The good part is that a lot of these articles are going to be awesome. If you have a technical question around graphic or web design, you’ll almost certainly get a response here, as Designers Talk users seem to treat the LinkedIn group as a genuine discussion forum. Like they say, designers talk.

  • 167,582 members
  • Average 5 posts a day

You can also follow the group on Twitter (@designerstalk) for snackable tips and industry insights.

Designers/Web Graphic

Perhaps the most interactive of all the LinkedIn groups we use here at Justinmind, Designers – Web Graphic, User Experience (UX/UI), Interaction Design (IxD) may not have the catchiest title out there, but it’s simply awesome for getting responses to questions, exchanging ideas and gathering thoughtful feedback on draft designs. Having access to a network of engaged and informed peers can be especially important if you’re a freelance or work-from-home designer, and joining this LinkedIn group is a good way to feel plugged into something bigger, even if your office team is made up of you and your cat.

  • 28,556 members
  • Average 2 posts a day

How to make the most of LinkedIn Groups

A final word – if you want to be part of great LinkedIn groups, it helps to be a great LinkedIn group member. Follow these brief Dos and Don’ts to create the best LinkedIn experience for yourself and fellow design/UX professionals.


  • follow the community rules for each group
  • get involved in discussions
  • post links to relevant and interesting resources
  • ask questions, give answers


  • post spam
  • self-promote

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll find that joining LinkedIn groups will help you make connections, build your reputation and, ultimately, make you a better UX professional.

Cassandra is Marketing Lead at Justinmind


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