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This Thursday, Atos hosted the UXUK Awards 2016 in London and the event was a total hit! Read on for details on the winners, as well as some event insights from the judging panel.

The focus on UX this year has been bigger and better than ever as the design community strives towards meeting people’s evolving needs and expectations. Taking place alongside World Usability Day, the UXUK Awards offer the opportunity to promote major achievements and celebrate success. And that’s exactly what we saw yesterday at the UXUK Awards 2016. As an event sponsor, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the event organizers, as well as the judging panel and of course the wonderful attendees, for making this year’s awards such a treat!

…And on to the winners! User experience across the board

Best User Experience: SH:24

Judging criteria for this year’s best user experience included delight, inspiration, motivation and emotional design. With the ever-increasing shift towards design with the user in the forefront, emotional design has played a bigger-than-ever role in UX design in 2016. With a focus on feeling, as well as form and function, emotion design intends to provide a clear personality in the site/app/service, concentrating on the tone of voice, evocative imagery and copy. It ultimately aims to help users engage with the site/app/service on an emotional level.

The winner, SH:24, is an online sexual health service that offers free home testing for STIs. The service has received a lof of positive feedback from users, such as:

  • “You cannot improve this service – you’ve done everything right to make it as easy as possible.”
  • “Life is really busy in London, and it’s difficult to find the time for a checkup every now and then. The kit was so easy to use…”

As he service is a wonderful example of how online and digital tools can be used to not only cut down on costs, but also actually provide a better frontline service.

Making the most of the celebration, Image Credit: Aimée Windsor Brown @fleur_design

Best Not for Profit Winner: Blue Cross 

This award recognizes a not for profit website, app or service that has been designed with its audience in mind. The judges’ guide included empowerment: leaving users feeling like they’re able to do something they didn’t think they could do before, and providing a sense of achievement, trust and the impact on KPIs.

“Not all efforts in user experience are undertaken to raise the bottom line.”

The winner, Blue Cross, is one of the UK’s oldest animal welfare charities. It re-homes unwanted and rescued animals and provides veterinary care for people who cannot afford private treatment. Blue Cross have redesigned their website and this has boosted traffic to the site with 20% more sessions year on year and twice as many people signing up for a regular donation. Great success!

Best Information Winner: Royal Navy Graduates

In this category, judges were looking for an app, website or service in any industry which presents information clearly, in an easy to access way and functions with good user experience.

The winner, Royal Navy Graduates, aims to inform the public about the movements of the Royal Navy. This involves “everything from communicating its purpose and role, recruiting the future of the Royal Navy, and influencing opinion leaders and politicians, to supporting service people and their families, and being the definitive source of Royal Navy news”, according to the website. With a hands-on approach to defining the Royal Navy’s digital and social strategies, the site has seen the efficiency rate of converting unique site visitors to finished applications improved by 202%, resulting in 9,897 applications in July 2016. The website was voted in the top 3 most engaging and impactful careers website by the Times Top 100 Graduate recruitment awards (next to Rolls Royce and Microsoft!).

The complete list of this year’s winners can be found here.

CEO of Bunnyfoot and UXUK Awards 2016 judget Jon Dodd explains: “Those shortlisted and the eventual winners of what were hotly-contested categories can congratulate themselves for producing entries of the highest calibre. Each entry went through a meticulous judging process and it took my fellow judges and I a great deal of time to make our final decisions”.


Getting ready to hear the results, Image Credit: Histropedia ‏@Histropedia

Jon Dodd concludes:

“The UXUK Awards has once again uncovered some seriously impressive examples of user experience, reaffirming our belief that the UK continues to be a hub for UX innovation. The evening itself was the culmination of a lot of very hard work and generosity and we thank everyone for their support. Here’s to next year’s awards!”


Enjoying the experience at the UXUK Awards 2016, Image Credit: UX UK Awards ‏@UXUKAwards


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Emily is Marketing Content Editor at Justinmind

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