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Forget about hand-drawn mockup and clickable wireframes. Justinmind is launching the next generation of wireframing and prototyping tool: Justinmind Protyper 3.0 Beta. From fully functional dynamic websites to mobile applications or mailing softwares (even Flash-like games), Justinmind Prototyper allows you to create almost anything in record time and without a single line of coding. With many drag & drop functions (i.e import for Illustrator/photoshop), the prototyper is incredibly easy to use and so powerful it´s virtually impossible to distinguish the real thing from the prototype (for there is none, except the auto-generated HTML code behind it). With functions like database simulations or rich interactions, many widgets and templates (i.e mobile platforms), interactive creations are limitless.

Serious about getting as much feedback as possible, Justinmind is launching several testing contests both on Windows and Mac, giving away free licences of its software as prizes. Check out conditions here:

Here are some of Justinmind Prototyper 3.0 Beta key features:

Real-time simulation

Create and test your dynamic application in real-time without any code generation

No need to export, just press “simulate” and experience your program or website instantly

Rich Interactions

Extensive JavaScript Libraries for rich interactions, events and animations

User-friendly interface

Create fully functional prototypes with simple drag-and-drop

Drag and drop image files from the file system to the prototyper

Drag and drop images and text straight from the internet and other applications (Illustrator, Photoshop…)

Create sophisticated conditions without any coding

Information Architecture

Functional scenarios with automatic validation

Define and simulate your application’s control flow

Data behaviour simulation

Simulate your business applications with real data

Requirements and comments

Associate comments and requirements directly to elements

Templates, masters and widgets

Reuse elements, events and/or animations and apply changes instantly

Team work

Export/import elements, comments, prototype templates and share them with others

Documentation generation

generate documentation for proposals, specification documents, and more

Personalize your documentation (Word) according to your client

Multilingual & multiplatform

Available in English, French and Spanish

Version for Windows and Mac

Victor is the Product Manager at Justinmind. His specialties include business analysis, usability, requirements management and prototyping. When not busy doing that he is known to eat or sleep.