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During #OzIA09, an event that ocurred last Friday and Saturday in Sidney, Australia, Suze Ingram (@SuzeIngram) did a comparison between all (or at least almost all, which is a lot) software available on the market of wireframes and prototyping, from the ones that simply allow you to draw sketches to the full hi-fi prototyping and HTML generation (yes, that’s us!).

Suze’s slideshow about wireframe software


Opinions about Justinmind Prototyper compared to others

Since the market is very crowded and there are different tools for different needs, it’s a great start for someone who’s trying to understand the difference between Justinmind Prototyper and other software, and also for us to understand better what users want and what we can improve in our work.

Of course, every comparison is unfair. There are things you can’t do with Prototyper, as with any other competitor. Since the test was to draw a simple wireframe, Suze couldn’t use all software capabilities and features Justinmind could offer, put she mentioned some things others can’t do, like exporting to HTML and Word, and rich interaction. We know learning how to use the advanced features is harder than simply drawing, but would love to hear from you any feedback on how to improve it. And we’re always open to suggestions on tutorials and how-tos we publish here in the blog.

By the way, anyone else want to try it and tell us your opinion? We have some reviewer’s licenses this month.

And more good stuff happened

More about #OzIA09, we’re waiting for Niina Talikka’s post with details about the presentation, the presentation from Matthew Hodgson about the evolution of Agile IA and the beautiful sketchnotes of Matt Labara. These are what he draws while focusing on something else. Amazing.

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